Thinkpad Wireless Problems

By Dumphrey ·
I have an old IBM Thinkpad R51 I am reinstalling XP Pro on for one of our sales people. Everything installs fine except the wireless (ibm 11 abg, made by phillips, Atheros chip set). The card is detected as a standard ethernet device in device manger, but its !'ed since its non-operational. The drivers from IBM do not install correctly, or I am doing something wrong. If I put in a knoppix disk and run the wifi config, it detects and configs the card right away, so I am relatively sure the card works (no wifi near by to test atm.)Any tips or tricks to get this wireles up and running would be great.

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You need to check that you have the correct driver

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thinkpad Wireless Problem ...

But all that should be required is to go into Computer Management right click on the Marked Item and chose Install/Update Drivers/Hardware which ever it is called and follow the prompts from the NB.

That should install the drivers then you need to make sure that the WiFi Software is installed so that it will work. If you have only installed the software you will find that the drivers have not been installed and that is your problem.


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Computer Management

by Dumphrey In reply to You need to check that yo ...

software installer for IBM was installing the latest version of the driver off of the lenovo site. As it turns out, after I read the driver release notes, even though it mentions version 1 of the card, its removed support for version 1 in the latest release. So, the driver being downloaded automatically, and the driver being offered by lenovo on their site does not support version 1 of the thinkpad 11 abg card, only version 2. I eventually found an old version of the driver (took me an hour or so) that installed flawlessly, and package manger does not try to update it. Go figure.
But, you were right about the driver.

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Can you tell me where you got the driver?

by holstein In reply to Computer Management

I'm having a similar problem. Can you point me to the driver?

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As you didn't state which model you have

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Can you tell me where you ...

If it's an IBM you can pick you the drivers here at the Lenovo site here is the entry point where you'll need to put in a Product Number or let the site Auto Detect your Computer so you get the correct drivers.


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That what I did

by Dumphrey In reply to As you didn't state which ...

at first, but Lenovo or IBM removed support for the first gen thinkpad wireless 11 abg cards in the latest driver release. So if you do the auto load, it finds no driver for the wireless, and if you do a manual download, you have to read the release notes of the driver to see it no longer supports first gen cards. Its a snafu that seems to have appeared in the driver base. Oh well, it was worth it, as the old thinkpad is still kicking butt and chewing gum all at the same time.

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The simplest way is

by Dumphrey In reply to Can you tell me where you ...

to install the OLD version of Access Connections control panel that contained all the drivers for the possible wireless cards, then upgrade to the new version that does not contain the driver packages.
Look for Access Connections 3.82 with wireless drivers.

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