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Thinkpad Yoga 11e Bios update failure and doesn't power up

By phinhokim ·
I have a Lenovo thinkpad yoga 11e it was working fine then last week i decided to update the laptop drivers from lenovo support website then i downloaded the bios update setup and then run it so the laptop restarted but no screen didn't turn on.i waited for atleast 30minutes but nothing then deci6to shut it down but it didn't turn on.

The thing is when i turn it on I get the red light on thinkpad logo and fn button.

What i have tried so far with no luck.

1.removed battery and hold power button for 60secs and replace back the batterý and turn it on with no luck.

2.removed battery and cmos holded power button for 60secs replaced them back but with no luck.

3.tried to hold f9,f11 and f12 while powering up with no luck

4.tried esc + f3 simultaneously with power key but wielded no result either.

So please may you help me all this resulted afteŕ the bios update failure...Hope I'll get solution.

Thank you very much!

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Not sure it is repairable now

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thinkpad Yoga 11e Bios up ...

I have not had a look see inside one of those so I have no idea if the BIOS Chip is replaceable.

But with every unit I have ever worked on a Failed BIOS UPDATE has always resulted in either recovering from the OLD BIOS on M'Boards with Dual BIOS or replacing the BIOS Chip. As the Lenovo's don't have Dual BIOS you are sort of stuck with either pulling the BIOS Chip out of the unit plugging it into a EPROM Programer and running the BIOS Update again and programing it to the BIOS Chip or replacing the Chip with one you have bought.

As I have not needed to replace any BIOS Chips since the early 2000's I have no idea if they are even still selling them these days but you can always try Mr BIOS to see if they are still around they where the best to buy NIOS Chips from in the old days but it was also nearly 20 years ago now so I have no idea. Programing a BIOS Chip isn't difficult but you do need a suitable EPROM Programer again I have not had the need to use one of those in around 20 years as well but it is easy enough to do.

There should have been a WARNING on Lenovo's Web Page about updating the BIOS and that it would Brick the unit if it was not done correctly.

In all the time I've been working with computers other than the Y2K Issue years ago I've never had a need to update any BIOS and on the few occasions I do for a demanding client I always warn them of the possible issues and always run the Update with the unit connected to a UPS just in case of a power outage.

The Dual BIOS M'Boards that used to be made ages ago allowed you stuff up a BIOS Flash and still have a working computer but I'm not even sure that they are still around as the need to update BIOS Chips isn't necessary these days.

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