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This didn't work for me how come??

By va1pr ·
I did exactly as you suggested,step by step,
but it didn't work. I don't do much dos so I may be missing it somewhere.
I downloaded the program, I went start and r
the comand window came up but that is as far as I could get. I went to C:// and typed dupfinder but it says it is not a recognized as a operable program..what am I doing wrong??

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Well it would help if you asked a complete question

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to This didn't work for me h ...

This Q&A site isn't staffed by 1 person but by a group of volunteers who willing spend their time trying to help people.

Now as to why you couldn't get dupfinder to run from your C Drive do you have it installed there? If it's not on the Drive that you are on it can not be run so if you are booting from a Boot Disc the program that you are attempting to run is probably located there so when you get the DOS Prompt of either A:> where A is the Floppy or > where D is your CD/DVD Drive and the program is loaded to the boot Disc you should attempt to run it from there.

If you would care to elaborate what you are attempting to do it would help no end.


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