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This guy should be stoned... (with rocks)

By mrafrohead ·
Alright, well you've all heard what I think about stupid users getting themselves infected and then expecting someone else to clean it...

So here's a PRIME example:

Basically, this schmuck got himself infected with a trojan and now his bank account had 90K pulled out of it... The feds think it was due to the trojan, so now this assclown is suing his bank for the lost funds, because he was too lazy and incompetent to run his own AV scans...


Just thought I'd throw this out there in case anyone else wants to sit back and sip a glass of lemonade while laughing at this jerks problems.

I hope BoA countersues him and takes him for the rest of what he's worth.


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Wonder if he

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to This guy should be stoned ...

went into worth a try mode, or his now famous lawyer convinced him it was doable.

I think it would be in BoA interests to get him the 70k back out of Riga. The twenty he can swallow for not spending some money on a virus checker.

If it was a known threat then he had the chance of knowing about it.

The bank did not supply anything he used to connect to the service.
If he didn't know that ebanking is always a risk then he ought to pull his head out of his *** on a more regular basis.

I do hope they weren't stupid enough to tell him he was perfectly safe though, cause that just ain't the case.

His and their lawyers will be in the bar downstairs for the whole case, shaking their heads as much as us.

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by Jaqui In reply to Wonder if he

at the same table buying rounds for each other

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by laserbrian In reply to probably

If this guy had 90K in the bank, how could he be so dumb? He was smart enought to buy a computer, get online, but didn't realize he needed antivirus protection?

Although... I have a lot of friend that have '98 computers with virus definitions from '99. They don't understand why there computer isn't working anymore (with the original install).

Why would the bank allow a transfer of 90K by Internet without at least a transation delay or transaction limit?

Most people use very week passwords anyway...

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Well it all depends on

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Smart?

Just how much he normally transferrers at a time. 90K may sound like a lot but I have several clients who that would be small change to and wouldn't even cover the deposit on a bit of plant.

It also depends on how it was sent out as well if it was a few transactions that started out small and got bigger with each transaction this could just be normal business. It all boils down to information we just do not have and are unlikely to see either as if that was made public it would only make it easier for others to jump on the bandwagon. But what worries me is that this appears to be one of a kind with no other reports of this Trojan doing the same thing to others so I'm wondering just how genuine it actually is.

Col ]:)

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Kick Him While He's down

by elcamin0 In reply to Well it all depends on

That seems to be the mentality of the "non-victims" An air of superiority and immunity comes across from those who are ever so quick to accuse of lack of computer security maintenance. Each of you are subject to the intro of a Trojan, it all depends on update timing and scanning and a bit of luck. The so called "skilled" will have a hard time admitting that one!

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Trojan not inevitable

by Dr Dij In reply to Kick Him While He's down

I'm never going to get one from scanning on my broadband as I have a cable router between PCs and net. I could get one surfing. I had to leave on activex (but with prompting) as too many things not run without. So I'm pretty unlikely to get one surfing, and if I was going to go online to bank, I'd probably run free online scan (e.g. ) first. Except for IM which I don't use and freeware (with adware built in) there's not much left as souce to infect me. I run scans periodically in case some site uses loopholes in browser to install without my knowledge. Could I have a trojan still? yes. My point tho is it's pretty unlikely and unlike the fellow in the article I do something to prevent it so I feel pretty confident for online banking.
I also check my transactions to be sure they are ones I did. Problems would be more likely to come from someone stealing my CC# at a restaurant or store.

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This is techtarget's take on this

by Dr Dij In reply to Trojan not inevitable

Is a customer responsible for failing to
secure his computer system, or is the bank responsible for accepting
fraudulent ID, in the same way they would for cashing a check with a
fake driver's license?

Be sure to check out our exclusive online feature by a bank insider:,294698,sid14_gci1062440,00.html?track=NL-358&ad=506214


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the "reasonable" test

by moira In reply to Trojan not inevitable

I would probably have to conclude after reading a lot about this that the guy has to accept responsibility because he didn't take all reasonable risks to prevent his PC becoming compromised.

However I don't think that can be taken to mean banks will always be absolved from responsibility. As someone pointed out, even the most l33t can pick up a trojan and the blame should ultimately be put on the person carrying out the exploit. Sadly they're not often traceable.

Ultimately, banks will have to pick up the tab for something like this, because (like car insurance) the individual can't afford to, so their costs will just be reclaimed in extra charges levied on all of us.

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Iam with you

by boardswapper In reply to Kick Him While He's down

That's why I dont read these things much. There is alway a load of the smartest men(or women)in the world full of arrogant remarks because this happens to be their area of expertise. It says alot about what kind of people they are and how much their opinion really matters.

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Sure, kick 'em all

by go_browns_01 In reply to Kick Him While He's down

But when one of these "non-victims" loses their bank card, has their wallet stolen or lost, has their trash picked through and gets ripped off royally, well, we'll have a hearty laugh, no?

'Cause it will happen, and I'm already laughing.

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