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This is a loosing battle!!!

By secure_lockdown ·
My background: F/T Employed systems/network administrator with over 7 years experience. I am worried that I have been at my job too long and if I don't move soon - I may not be marketable in the IT field anymore.

I have been looking for an entry level job in Information Security for 2 years now. I did professional upgrading, got the expensive certification and even took some consulty jobs on the side to get more security experience. I have tried EVERYTHING and I must have applied EVERYWHERE. I can't seem to find a job to save my life. What is going on this the IT field! Why is it so dead! What am I doing wrong!

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my father used to say ...

by swstephe In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

"those who can't do, teach". i think he meant it as an insult, but these days, when actual IT jobs are very competitive, you might want to consider giving yourself even more competion. of course, people are wising up, that there aren't any jobs out there, so they are getting a different education. that's a possible second choice, since you are still employed. do whatever it takes to learn something non-IT. you might be more business savy these days and look at learning business or management.

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In a word - "OUTSOURCING"

by jdmercha In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

With IT outsourcing being so popular these days, jobs in the US are very competititive. Consider that you are also competing against people like me. I have an MS and 20 years of experience. I've been looking for almost a year now and I've managed to get one interview, but they couldn't meet my salary requirements.

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Qualifications seem extraordinary

by secure_lockdown In reply to In a word - "OUTSOURCING"

this is in response to you and the other fellow. I have actually been looking at a business oriented career move/angle also because it seems - to stay in IT - the sheer volume and breadth of knowledge and skills sets you must master seems extraordinry!

when looking at the more business focused job requirements in IT - it's a small fraction.

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by secure_lockdown In reply to Qualifications seem extra ...

also forgot to mention - the pay seems the same sometimes even more than IT only job.!

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In two letters

by maxwell edison In reply to In a word - "OUTSOURCING"
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Look At Reality

by maxwell edison In reply to This is a loosing battle! ...

I'm amazed at how many people cry about the lack of "IT jobs". Geesh, if you really think about it, damn near EVERY job is, in some way, an IT job. The industry isn't going away; it's changing. Computer users are getting more savvy and they simply don't need an "IT" person to hold their hand every time they try to do something. The rush to computerize is in the past, and companies have an IT infrastructure already in place.

I've said it about a gazillion times, but it may be that the IT person of the past might have to shift focus a bit, and instead of just creating or maintaining IT, they may have to think about applying IT to achieve some desired end.

You have not tried "everything" or else you'd have a job. Instead of "asking" for a job, per se, why not try to envision some kind of outcome. If you can walk into a company with a vision of how you can help that company become more productive, thereby improving their bottom line, jobs will be falling out of the woodwork. Don't just be an IT professional, but advance a vision of how you can use IT to achieve a lofty (and profitable) desired end.

It's a vision thing.

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Everyone's reality is different

by jdmercha In reply to Look At Reality

Four years ago we had an open IT position and we got 20 resumes, and paid a salary of $35K. This year we had two openings and got over 200 resumes for each one. And these positoins paid less than $25K.

That sounds like a lack of IT jobs to me.

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Don't fall into that trap

by maxwell edison In reply to Everyone's reality is dif ...

Don't fall into the trap of seeing what's not there. Instead, look only at what IS there. (Wherever "there" may be.)

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Sounds like an abundance of job hunters without hunting skills

by Oz_Media In reply to Everyone's reality is dif ...

Seriously, out of those 200 applicants, if they all had proper job hunting skills they would all be employed in three weeks.

People that respond to ads, online offers etc. will be in a perpetual hunt for jobs,those 200 applicants that responded to you are probably the weakest of the bunch, they aren't hunters they are just gpoing through the motions and expecting experience or certifications to gain them employment, they will become full time employees though (of the unemployment office).

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Well there you go

by jdmercha In reply to Sounds like an abundance ...

Where I work we will only accept applications from people that are answering a specific job ad. And they have to apply online. I will grant you that only 50 of those 200 met the minimum requirements of a BS plus 3-5 years experience.

But consider what I said before. Four years ago we only got a total of 20 applications for the same job. And we paid $10k more back then also.

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