This is a XP Pro/Windows 7 64 bit dual boot question. See elaboration.

By BarJabba ·
1. I am running XP Pro fessional 32 bit now.

2. I have upgraded my Mobo/RAM/CPU. (see specs below)

3). I have tried windows 7 on a separte partition, just to see if memory problem would resolve and to see my machine in 64 bit operation.

4). I have a separte partition waitng for install of Windows 7 64 - bit professional. Have CD et al.

I am told, and I believe that I can simply install the Windows 7 to the waiting partion and come out having a dial boot menua to access either one.

I know this as I have always made sure that I am not installing the NEW OS forst, then the OLD os 2nd. I am not sure in my case. So many ideas on forums cause me to think I will lose all my XP Pro stufF and Win 7 will take over, not allowing me back into XP Pro.

I just want to feel safe in doing this final (I hope) upgrade/migration. The waiting partition had a Windows 7 64 - test OS on it. I want MY copy of Windows 7 64 Pro to overwrite it and nothing else. I don't mind if in Win 7 install it wants to format that drive. Am I good to go?

Windows XP Pro is current drive 'C' and the waitint partition is showing as drive 'D'. I care not which is which as long as I get to boot into one or the other. I have many things to migrate and no time to wait on the install, as I need the 64 bit stiff.

PSU is 550 watts
Cooler Master Case 790 ?? (lots of cooling and huge)
MSI NF980-G65, Tri Sli
AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
1 160 GB IDE Internal Drive(going to use as storage of videos/DVR)
1 SATA 1.5 TB Internal drive(partitioned)
1 Seagate 1 TB External drive partitioned Back Up)
ACER 22" LCD Widescreen Monitor
Battery back up

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First things first M$ Makes a Windows 7 Upgrade Adviser

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to This is a XP Pro/Windows ...

To test your existing Hardware/Software combination for Windows 7. This will tell you exactly what Will and will not work under 7. It is available free here


Now provided that you make sure that you install the version of 7 to anything but the Boot Drive it will Dual Boot and whenever you start your Computer you will be asked which OS you want to boot into XP or 7 and you can chose to do as you please.

What you can not do is have both OS's on the same Partition or use software installed in one on the other OS.

However the best way forward here is to wipe the system after backing up all your Settings & Data and then install the 64 Bit Version of 7. Then once this is installed and using all of your installed RAM you can launch a Virtual Machine either the M$ Offering Virtual PC 2007 available for download here


Or the VMWare offering. You will first however want to make sure that your Hardware supports Vitalization to get the best results. This setting is in the BIOS so read the M'Board Manual to find out how to alter this setting or if your M'Board and CPU support this option.

Any 32 Bit OS can only address about 3.25 GIG of Total System Memory and this includes Video Memory so using XP as a Base is wasting over 50% of the installed RAM.


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