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This is a XP Pro/Windows 7 64 bit dual boot question.

By BarJabba ·
I searched and could not find my particular case in this. I know there are other threads and I spent a lot of time combing though them. I can't not a lot of time.

1. I am running XP Pro fessional 32 bit now.

2. I have upgraded my Mobo/RAM/CPU. (see specs below)

3). I have tried windows 7 on a separte partition, just to see if memory problem would resolve and to see my machine in 64 bit operation.

4). I have a separte partition waitng for install of Windows 7 64 - bit professional. Have CD et al.

I am told, and I believe that I can simply install the Windows 7 to the waiting partion and come out having a dual boot menu to access either one.

I know this, as I have always made sure that I am not installing the NEW OS first, then the OLD OS 2nd. I am still not sure in my case. So many ideas on forums cause me to think I will lose all my XP Pro stufF and Win 7 will take over, not allowing me back into XP Pro.

I just want to feel safe in doing this final (I hope) upgrade/migration. The waiting partition had a Windows 7 64 - test OS on it. I want MY copy of Windows 7 64 Pro to overwrite it and nothing else. I don't mind if in the Win 7 install it wants to format that >partition<. Am I good to go?

Windows XP Pro is currently drive 'C' (of course) and the waiting partition is showing Old test Win7 as drive 'D'. I care not which is which as long as I get to boot into one or the other. I have many things to migrate still and no time to wait on the install, as I need the 64 bit stuff now.


PSU is 550 watts
Cooler Master Case 790 ?? (lots of cooling and huge)
*MSI NF980-G65, Tri Sli
*AMD Phenom II X4 965 BE
1 160 GB IDE Internal Drive(going to use as storage of videos/DVR)
1 SATA 1.5 TB Internal drive(partitioned)
1 Seagate 1 TB External drive partitioned Back Up)
ACER 22" LCD Widescreen Monitor
Battery back up

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