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This is crazy but I can't uninstall a program

By artzelda ·
I am trying to install a Counterspy and I continually get a message that instead of installing it is upgrading. Then I get a message that the setup routine can not uninstall the older version. I have done a complete search for the app using the apps name and the developers name in both the registry and on the hard drive and can't find it. How do I find this thing and get rid of it so I can install the current version???

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by ctrservices In reply to This is crazy but I can't ...

The following URL is the manual for CounterSpy:'uninstall%20counterspy'

Be sure to read "Before You Install" prior to the Uninstall section.

Reading between the lines of your post, I am certain you tried to use Add/Remove programs in the Control Panel applet. If you still encounter problems, make sure the "Before You Install" items are done and then reboot into Safe Mode and retry the uninstallation/installation.

Let us know what happens if this doesn't work.

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by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to This is crazy but I can't ...

No it's not crazy at all. What is happening here is that the application is still running and can not be uninstalled while it's running undoubtedly there are some files in the Windows Folder that are considered as Important to Windows so they cause the program to be unable to be uninstalled or removed. If you can not shut the program down as the above poster said start the computer in Safe Modewith out Networking and then try removing it through the add-remove icon in the Control Panel.


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by artzelda In reply to This is crazy but I can't ...

well I found the problem. After I had deleted all counterspy, sunbelt, MS antispyware beta files from the hard drive and eleimated all references to these apps in the registry and still had the problem I decided to look in every folder in the C:\windows directory. I found files that referenced counterspy in the C:\windows\downloads installed folder and deleted these and the problem disappeared. Why a hard drive search for these files did not show anything and why these files wer not referenced in the registry I don't understand, this solved the problem.

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