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This is flippin great ........

By LordInfidel ·
take a look

As I sit here in my infamous combat boots scarfing down a box (of my stock of 5) of good and plenty's.

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Sorry mate but that's the

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to This is flippin great ... ...

Wrong link. Can you post the right one so I can have a look See?

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Well there goes the next week or so

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to There was a space

I'll spend so much time playing there that I won't have any time to "relax". Thanks for the URL.

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Another one

by Oz_Media In reply to There was a space

I thought the World map just four clicks ahead was good. Pretty close to the rality of what I've seen here.

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15th row, last one

by LordInfidel In reply to Another one

That one is priceless.

God I love the USofA....

I've said for years, since I was in the army, that the middle east should be turned into one big parking lot.

Do you guy's watch 60 minutes. There was the GM special again last night about hydrogen gas powered cars. What will the oil barons do then?

I would personally drive one of the hydrogen cars. They said it can go about to 150mph.

As long as I can cruise at 90-100 and if it has some get and go, then I would trade in my mustang. For the good of the enviroment.

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Don't ditch the Puss-tang

by Oz_Media In reply to 15th row, last one

As a former FORD mechanic, I love thier attention to detail and thier engineering is top. Unfortunately, I despise Mustangs made after '58. Like I said, I'm a Fordaholic but just don't get off on the Mustang, no big deal, it's a great car but highly overrated.


in Port Hardy (Northern Vancouver Island) I've seen them testing a Toyota Hydrocar up and down my street.

The thing has made it no more than three blocks on half dozen occasions that I've seen it. The car idles along at about walking speed for almost a block, seems to get quicker and slower for the next block and then finally gets towed away.

I finally went and talked to the tester about a month ago and he said it is almost a hopeless scene at this time and they just can't keep it going for more than a few hundred feet if they exceed 30Kmh (what's that about 15Mph?)

We have Ballard Fuel cell buses but they have HUGE storage areas for all those batteries.

Bottom line, is that car manufacturer's REALLY don't want to change the existing internal combustion engine design. It will upend the nechanical repair trades ad well as parts trades. Even though a Hydro car would still break down, from what I've seen more often than not, the parts would be low cost plastic and would require a more technical knowledge as opposed to mechanical. There are LESS parts so that industry gets squelched, the main reason whay cars are designed to last 4-5 years now before falling apart (along with your warranty).

Just a few cents.

It would be nice, but it is not practical nor favored by the manufacturers at this time.

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It was the 2nd time I saw the report

by LordInfidel In reply to Don't ditch the Puss-tang

The 1st time was a year ago when they were just announcing the break thru.

This time, they actually showed the cars in action. They also showed a building that was powered solely by hyrdogen gas.

It was cool. They showed the chassis of the car, and let you see inside of it. The engine is spread thru the entire chassis. Which allows them to design different shells that sit on top of the one chassis. They also let the reporter drive the car.

There were no break/gas pedals. It was all driven by hand controls.

They even had forklift's, drills, saw's, all running on hydrogen.

GM said that they have spent 1 billion on research and plan on having them in mass production by 2010. And that they are not backing down from it's devolpment.

--Mustang... i'm on my second one. Not because the 1st one died. I test drove the 2002 Rouche and loved it. So I traded my old one in for a Rouche Stage 3. I'm one of those speed freeks that has to be able to go really fast. Plus the inside is all decked out in chrome.

My theory is if no one is near you they can't hit you. Then if you hit something it's your own damn fault.

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The Icelanders have it sussed

by lumberjack In reply to It was the 2nd time I saw ...

Recently seen a driving report in Iceland.
Hydrogen powerred buses and municipal veheicles are about to hit the streets there. The hydrogen is obtained by using hydro-thermal power from thier geysers (very cheap and renewable) and thier own geyser wateer - already heated therefore cheaper again!

The report stated that all municipal vehicles are expected to be H2 powerred within 5 years. ALL vehicles on the island within 15!

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That's really cool

by LordInfidel In reply to The Icelanders have it su ...

I wish the bastards in power here in the US would jump on the bandwagon.

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buy a VOLVO

by Oz_Media In reply to It was the 2nd time I saw ...

The 2001 Volvo wagon (750DL?)(with less than $300 aftermarket) will leave the Mustang at the line. I have a buddy with one, we often drive to the Mainland and cruise up and down Robson st in Vancouver looking for 5.0's to laugh at.

Don't get me wrong, it's a great car with a nice power plant (good ol 302's) FORD's diehard.
It's just so highly overrated and ,here at least, EVERYBODY's GOT ONE. It's like the whole MCSE thing, they're a dime a dozen and everyone has one.

I drive a '70 Charger RT with a 440 Magnum, a '74 Cougar with a 351 and am restoring a '71 Cuda with an over-bored (.202" intake valve) 340 designed to eat the 360's. I'm not a huge MOPAR fan but they sure made some nice muscle in the late 60's early 70's.

But hey, the quick volvo, safe AND fast.

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