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This is getting so bad now!

By Oz_Media ·
The site change has just become unavigatable (word?) My Discussions has gone to **** in a handbasket.

I have read about suspicions of them purposely making it hard to get into off-topic posts, but I find it a bit hard to believe, for several reasons.

1)It also makes it just as hard to follow relevant technical discussions.

2)Contact posts can be used to track off topic banter anyway. So if you just wanted to haggle on with one peer, you just follow that peer's posts.

3)They know very well that it is that large group of peers that offer the site so many page views and banner impressions, they aren't stupid and they know how to make money (you may have to click the little X to close the ad covering the rest of this post).

4)TRI, they have always responded to many of our comments with positive action. I think they may still rework some bugs such as the discussions issues, that just buries them by listing a heading for every post made to a thread; as opposed to just having the most recently updated thread and total number of posts beside it (I think it was Max who noted that in another thread), it's just the worst glitch yet.

Funny enough though, their interest in the feedback seems to have hushed a little.

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like this one

by CG IT In reply to This is getting so bad no ...

the only way to keep track is to save the thread or make a post so it shows up in the workplace.

No doubt they'll do something to tweek it

I'll tell you what though, I'll bet the Questions side of the forums will end up vacant as no one [well none of the top guys who post answers/suggestors] will offer suggestions cuz their all over at the discussion side. It'll end up people with questions will post em in the discussions side where all the action is.

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It was one thing. . . . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to This is getting so bad no ...

...wasting time on this site. Now, I'm wasting time trying to get back to wasting time. I think it's time to just log off and quit wasting my time. (And I didn't even get a mug for all those tech points!)

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by fungus-among-us In reply to It was one thing. . . . . ...

"(And I didn't even get a mug for all those tech points!)"

I found TR when I was looking for an answer to technical question. I found it in the Tech Q&A section. Once I found my answer, I hung around to return the favor. It was the primary reason I kept coming back to the TR. The new site design has me pulling hair outta my head (not that I can spare very much). I think I'm done with this place. I'll go back to the "tech" forums I've visited in the past... at least there the thread were easier to find/reply/keep track of.

Maxwell, it's not much, but you can have ALL my TR tech points... maybe you can use them to change TR back to the site I once enjoyed visiting.

It's been real folks... have great lives.
Fungus... OUT!

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On Tech Points

by maxwell edison In reply to LOL

Thanks, but no thanks. I've got more than I know what to do with .... make that "had more". I posted a few 50,000 point questions, and man did that generate both interest and good feedback. But no more.

We once had a discussion about what to do with them, and I thought the best suggestion was mine (of course), and I suggested that we use them as chips in an on-line poker game. Oh well, no poker and no mug. (Actually I could have received a mug at one point in time, but I passed on giving up my personal information.)

P.S. These guys either aren't listening or perhaps they're just not listening to me. It's interesting that none of my messages have been replied to by the PTB.

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by Oz_Media In reply to Answers...

Meow, ROAAAAR!!!!

Very well done sir.

Max, you gotta laugh at that one. The sarcasm alone is worth a laugh.

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Yes, it was dripping with something. . . . .

by maxwell edison In reply to LOL

...sarcasm or something else.

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Oh c'mon Max

by Oz_Media In reply to Yes, it was dripping with ...

You know very well that Jay's a good dude, just having some fun, very eloquently and far more tame than anything we would have offered.

But what's up with you lately anyway? I could see that same comment coming from either one of us any day. Cheer up already! You seem really edgy and upset with everything this past week.

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Okay, Oz, do you want to know what reallly pisses me off?

by maxwell edison In reply to Yes, it was dripping with ...

See the messages below, and you'll see that I was this close (|__|) to flying out to Las Vegas just to visit with Neil, but "other things" in my life kept me from doing it -- "other things" kept me from doing what I really wanted to do. I'm one who wants total control over my own life, and last week I didn't have it. It pisses me off. And it really pisses me off because it's of my own making. Now understand that it's not just that one thing, per se, but the underlying reasons behind it.

And then, TR went and screwed up a perfectly good Web site! Nothing like kicking the cat when you're pissed off!

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OH, now I get it

by Oz_Media In reply to Yes, it was dripping with ...

Yeah I'd be pssed too. As you know, I also have control of my life and do whatever the **** I want to when I want to do it, for the most part; we all have to make some sacrifices sometimes, even if just to keep people happy (but then again, that would be my choice too I suppose).

yeah a trip to Vegas to meet a nice, home-bred, dry-sarcastic, Brit would definitely be fun.

After my day today, I don't think I care abotu much now, I'm sorta numb. It was a real headwrecker but I think my feet are on the ground now and I got a grip on it enough to relax a bit. I ca nappreciate having a bad day and then turnign to your water cooler to relax and it's all f*&#$d up.

Id be pissed too.

Oh well, there's always next time. And when you're all grown up like us, there always IS a next time beacause I feel we create our own destiny, as you have proven yourself.

Here's an idea, because your plans were screwed up this time; go see Neil in jolly old England! Get some rock (candy)and some of those greasy F&C's in newspaper, and have him show you around.

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