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This is just OVERFLOWING with Opportunity

By maxwell edison ·

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DeWar Flask Fuel Tank

by willcomp In reply to This is just OVERFLOWING ...

Just what I always wanted, a DeWar flask filled with liquid hydrogen in my vehicle. Can one say cost ineffective and dangerous?


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But does it include...

by Salamander In reply to This is just OVERFLOWING ...
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by Jessie In reply to This is just OVERFLOWING ...

That'll go over like a zeppelin.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to This is just OVERFLOWING ...

In the meantime, I have a 2004 Prius.

Of course, I also have an 82 XJS. Oh, and the wife drives her 01 Outback... Hmmm... Now I'm beginning to wonder about myself...

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by Oz_Media In reply to This is just OVERFLOWING ...

Being a muscle car restorer, I can say I only build big pigs of cars. Most are simply trailored and shown though, by a gas guzzling truck with a pulling a 6000 lb load of course.

I have several vehicles, an older jag, a rebuilt '88 bronco (pretty much off road only) and a couple of older muscle cars, I usually end up riding the dirt bike (on/off road) so it is pretty fuel efficient and doesn't even qualify for an AirCare test. Or else I walk, I walk MILES and MILES, not just to be environmentally friendly but because I am never in THAT much of a rush and the scenery is worth the walk. Play some music, get a few hours excercise, clear your mind, AND save the environment.

Mind you, when they first started rolling CNG cars off the linem the big fear was the highpressure tanks under the hood and safety measures about CNG leaks. Well as it turned out they have worked just fine.

Who knows what tomorrow may bring, the reason nothing's been done until now though is because of people who, when market surveyed, express the same dislikes toward any alternative to their SUV's gas engine.
Thus manufactureres drop the ball on R&amp and focus on the new gas burner indstead.

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You can bet the oil

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to :)

industry is well on side of this approach as well. Very eco friendly types.

Wonder if some one will come up with the idea of a liquid oxygen booster for it, that should improve the performance and the cryogenics is already in place.

A colleague just had his car converted to natural gas, saves him a fortune in UK petrol prices. The big problem apparently is you can end up with your hand frozen to the pump and that's hot compared to liquid hydrogen.

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by Oz_Media In reply to You can bet the oil

CNG is really popular in Canada, in fact I remember when it was new, my phone wouldn't stop ringing (I am alternate fuels certified) for conversions. YOu make good coin doing them but parts are expensive and th eengine condition is a major consideration, CNG kills more older cars than running deisel.

Propane cars never caught on other than cabs who jumped in it when it was new. When Propane was first introduced, gas was at 55Cents/litre and propane was only 9.9 cents, now the price isn't THAT much different and cabs STINK, though not always from the propane conversion.

CNH conversion in an older car 5yrs+ will end up causing more expensive repairs than you'd ever spend in gas in the long run, unless you replace heads or report valves at the same time. It also burns TOO clean in many cases and starts cleaning gaskets that are sealed with grime, resulting in oil leaksafter a year or so.

It's something shop will always do with a $mile, a fair mechanic will do basic compression and oil pressure testing first and then if needed crack open the heads to see if it is a viable solution.

Before you go out and have YOUR car converted have it checked out first.

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I Don't drive

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to CNG

Never bothered to learn, sit on my a**e all day as it is. Besides it's only a mile to work, I get there awake and ready for my 2nd coffee. The walk home and bit of quiet reflection on the way, gives me a chance to wind down and come up with one or two things I might try tomorrow.

The missus on the other hand drives to the corner shop and the car is newish, so it's a consideration. Seeing as my colleague kindly volunteered to be a guinea pig, I'm waiting on some more data from the experiment.
The thing about doing it in the UK, is at the moment you will not get the price of the conversion ( upto ?1500) back when you sell the car on, so you need to reap the rewards in terms of fuel costs while you've got it. He does a 70 mile round trip very day and worked out after two years he'd break even. Course he's relying on the taxman not spotting a revenue opportunity as well.

Cheers for the info though, it's newish in the UK and while it's the missus' car, there is a regular divot in my bank account about the time it needs paying for.

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"Buy some plimsoles"

by Oz_Media In reply to I Don't drive

That's what I heard when I asked for a ride somewhere, which was so rare I only remember being told once or twice.

NOt many people actually had cars when I was younger, everyone just walks everywhere. Sure dad had one for his work and business trips, mum had her mini for the bigger grocery runs but for the most part, you walk places.

It isn't exactly that bizarre to walk from Ventnor to Niton. Or where I live now it's not that odd for locals to walk 4-6 hours (roundtrip) to visit people.

When I walk around here, it is majestic. When I drive around here it just seems noisy.

This isn't a very noisy town and the tranquility is cherished by most, traffic noise isn't welcome.

In the day there are a lot of fishermen in trucks getting supplies and commuters for the ferry, the odd helicopter/floatplane etc. but it gets REALLY quiet after that.

I go to Vancouver now and have a headache in a few hours, a combination of noise and CO emissions from the traffic.

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Always wanted

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to "Buy some plimsoles"

to go up to see the tundra, myself. I've an ambition to visit antartica as well. Suggested it to the missus as a holiday and I got "You'll be there by yourself then" , which would be the point.

Not to get that far away from her of course.

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