This is really a dumb question....

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Having a "brain fart" here... all of a sudden, the behavior of the keyboard arrow keys has slowed to a near halt, moving one character at a time VERY SLOWLY, no matter which direction chosen. This function used to be quite fast until a week ago. It happens in all software and programs, whether web-based or not. From email to Office to browsers to art programs.. everything is at a snail's pace. If I hold CTRL and arrow, I can move one word at a time (that's an old MS Office trick).

It's almost like a keyboard thing? Perhaps I have a memory stick "leaking" or blowing up?... I used to have an answer for this, but like most knowledge, it's fading...heheh.

Thanks in advance for the help.

Oh and just so we eliminate those answers before we even start, I run CCLEANER, Ad-Aware, AVG AV, and Spywareblaster, and defrag on a regular basis.

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Typematic Repeat Rate

by willcomp In reply to This is really a dumb que ...

If letter keys repeat slowly as well, check Typematic Repeat Rate. Look in BIOS setup (may not be present depending on BIOS).

You can use the mode command to set typematic rate in Windows. Search Help for typematic rate or mode command.

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See also the Windows keyboard control panel

by seanferd In reply to This is really a dumb que ...

Repeat delay and repeat rate settings.

Perhaps check the accessibility Options control panel, keyboard tab, filter keys settings.

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Hey Sean...

by AnswerMan In reply to See also the Windows keyb ...


I don't know how, but the repeat delay and repeat rate settings sliders were WAY down toward the left (slow). I just moved them back up and it's all fixed.

It's a mystery how they moved though. Looks like a job for CSI Miami, because that guy knows EVERYTHING... heheh

Thanks again

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Glad that sorted it for you.

by seanferd In reply to Hey Sean...

You are welcome. :)

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by NexS In reply to This is really a dumb que ...

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