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This is totaly strange

By Michael Jay ·
mostly use FF but had a need for IE7 and stopped at TR while I was on IE7 and saw this

<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Photobucket"></a>

Is it just me or has anyone seen this silly smiley face icon instead of the TR Flag as well.

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have it all the time

by CG IT In reply to This is totaly strange

I just figured TR made the Name Change for some reason...

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CG I was

by Michael Jay In reply to have it all the time

talking about the funny face, when in FF I see the TR flag icon, and in the past with IE7 I also saw the TR flag icon.

Now I see A funny face, not complaining just saying. That is odd.

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Actual domain name

by Tig2 In reply to This is totaly strange

Is Has been that way forever.

The icon? That is a new one. I have a little TR flag.

Yes. Very strange.

Edited because I should have said more the first time.

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Sorry Tig

by Michael Jay In reply to Actual domain name

I guess that I was not totaly clear on what I was showing. Yes the silly Smiling guy.

Odd indeed

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by The Scummy One In reply to Sorry Tig

I understood it properly. I didnt think you were talking about the double coms.

Unfortunately, in IE6, I see an IE symbol, in FF I see the TR flag. You sure you didnt do it yourself??? :^0

I think HAL took over your system :0

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Yea, you are right

by Michael Jay In reply to LOL

it must be HAL, he still has not been in for maintenance has he?

Dang renegade!! LOL

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Small, but

by RT (Panzer Time!) In reply to This is totaly strange

he kinda looks like Hal Emmerich.

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Had not thought of that

by Michael Jay In reply to Small, but

perhaps if it is selectable I could get Meryl Silverburgh.

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And our U.S. Republican friends

by CharlieSpencer In reply to Had not thought of that

can get Sarah Palin. I get the flag in FF. In IE7, all I get is the IE round blue E icon. I have cookies disabled in IE and was prompted to allow a cookie from, whomever they might be. Maybe that's a clue.

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Good Clue

by Michael Jay In reply to And our U.S. Republican f ...

But I cleared cookies and all and it is still there, even rebooted, no help. Actually it looks kinda cool.

Have never given it much thought but most sites put up an icon, guess that is a cookie.

No mater, perhaps I will mess with it tomorrow.

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