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This isn't Microsoft's issue

By ifallsguy ·
Just to be clear, this isn't Microsoft's issue. You bought the computer from a different company and that company sent you to a third party. In this case Levono made the contract with their Asian partner and then seem to have washed their hands.

I purchased a Sony laptop for my wife last fall and the disk arrived (at no charge) about 2 weeks after the Win7 release. Previous to that, I had purchased a Gateway laptop with XP and had to wait 7 months for the Vista upgrade.

You pay your money and you take your chances.

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a very interesting response, now what was the question? - nt

by Deadly Ernest In reply to This isn't Microsoft's is ...
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I know what it probably is.

by seanferd In reply to a very interesting respon ...

Only no one blamed MS.

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I got a Gateway laptop too

by jck In reply to This isn't Microsoft's is ...

Mine came 2 months...after the date they said it would be shipped.

Only thing I can figure is that it took 2 months to get across the ocean on the back of a dolphin or something. :^0

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Sorry mate, the Dolphin Delivery Service is MUCH faster than

by Deadly Ernest In reply to I got a Gateway laptop to ...

that, they must have shipped it surface mail and got the slow boat, to take that long. But they may have saved money by contracting it to a long distance swimmer.

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You must be right

by jck In reply to Sorry mate, the Dolphin D ...

I bet it's the Chinese swim team's duty to country to do that. :^0

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The Moses delivery method? (not for the religiously sensitive)

by Aaron Mason In reply to Sorry mate, the Dolphin D ...

Apologies to any religious folk who are offended by this.

Perhaps the boat went the way of Moses and the slaves - they must have walked around in continual cirlces to be stuck in the Sahara for 40 years, I don't think it even takes 40 <i>days</i> to cross it from end to end.

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It is you

by santeewelding In reply to The Moses delivery method ...

Who are sensitive and offended by what you say.

No surprise.

In that, you would take on the whole of the theological with the puerile like that.

I would be offended, too, were that I could.

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Not really

by Aaron Mason In reply to It is you

Were that the case, I would never have said it.

I was simply covering my six. Nothing more.

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I thought they took so long as they had to stop every other day

by Deadly Ernest In reply to The Moses delivery method ...

to dig enough wells to give everyone a drink. Heck, it takes about an hour to get a household of three or four kids and two adults up and going most days, I'm sure it took Moses about three or four hours to get the thousands he led organised each day, and stops for lunch, etc. ****, they'd have been lucky to make two miles a day. It's not as if they were a trained and coordinated army when they set out.

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Should have called for 'take out'.

by CharlieSpencer In reply to I got a Gateway laptop to ...

My General Tso's chicken usually arrives in 30 minutes.

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