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This looks like fun

By stargazerr ·

I stopped using C a while ago, but I am going to take a swipe at this. What do you reckon ?? Fun enough ??


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Well, if If you want to be

by rob mekel In reply to This looks like fun

accused of writing mal-ware, spam, hardware killing virus or worse, please do.

As parts of your writings and contributions to this contest could end up in one of those despicable pieces of software, you can be held responsible.

That will give you great fun.


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Who said

by stargazerr In reply to Well, if If you want to b ...

Anything about entering the contest ??


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If not

by rob mekel In reply to Who said

I stand corrected. And make humble apology to you.

Sweeping the other contesters, looked to me as you were considering taking part in the contest. But that not being the case; good for you. :)
Altho, I think, you could have kicked their a$$e$.
But then again picking up from where you have left a couple of years ago ... could make it difficult.

We'll never know, will we.


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Need an interpreter

by M_a_r_k In reply to This looks like fun

Anyone who understands the obfuscated Unix command line [pre]tr "[:space:]" "[\n*]" | sort | awk 'length($0)>0' | uniq -c
What in the world does that line of crap do?

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Looks like

by stargazerr In reply to Need an interpreter

It works as a filter and sorts a number of strings entered at the command line in to lexicographical order.


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I can't see what you're doing...

by dawgit In reply to Need an interpreter

Not at this moment anyway, but isn't that part of an acrhiving string, incase you 're-do' an oops. (I think I saw some thing like it in there some once) -not that it would apply to me, my oopes are bad enuf, that 're-do's are not options.

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is MicroSoft.....

by dawgit In reply to This looks like fun

the major sponser in this? Is the Grand Prize a job at MicroSoft?

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In which case

by stargazerr In reply to is MicroSoft.....

hardly any one would want to try ...

Thankfully, Its a $100 gift certificate for ThinkGeek.


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maybe a job with Sony

by pennatomcat In reply to is MicroSoft.....

as a rootkit developer...........

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Sitting here

by oneamazingwriter In reply to This looks like fun

shaking my head. Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Binghamton University ???

While I can understand that students would need to know how to recognize malicious code, I cannot understand why a contest would come out of a university to ENCOURAGE people to write malicious code. Here's hoping one of you can give me a plausible reason for this!
Your resident end user,

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