This program cannot be run in DOS mode.

By sleepy18723 ·
I'm trying to load window's os software in Caldera Dos. I'm in D drive, as is my CD is in. [DR-DOS]D> is what it's showing currently. I typed 'dir' to show me the files on the disk. I type setup.exe and it says, this program cannot be run in DOS mode. Any help would be appreciated, been stuck on this for months!

Thanks in advance.

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by Jaqui In reply to This program cannot be ru ...

put the cd in, make sure that the system will boot from cd and reboot it off the cdrom. it will install windows. COMPLETELY WIPING DOS OUT IN THE PROCESS.

if you are trying to install a program for windows, you have to be RUNNING windows first.

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to jaqui's easy

by sleepy18723 In reply to easy

i did make it boot from the cd first, through bios. However, it loads with CAldera dos

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if it

by Jaqui In reply to to jaqui's easy

is the windows install cd then it is not booting into dos, it is booting into windows.

unless you are trying to install a pirated copy of windows, then all bets are off on what it actually boots into.

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to if it

by sleepy18723 In reply to if it

well, can you recommend me where i can get a copy of tablet PC where I'd have to enter my licnese into? I just need the OS, not the license, I have that. Any help would be thankful.

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Why Caldera?

by IC-IT In reply to This program cannot be ru ...

You could use a Win 9X boot floppy with CD support. I would add smrtdrv.exe to the boot disk and run that after booting (otherwise a DOS XP install will take forever). Then navigate to the CDs I386 folder and run the winnt.exe command.

Is your CD-ROM not a self-booting unit? I hope this is not a pirate copy.

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to bwilmot's why caldera

by sleepy18723 In reply to Why Caldera?

i'm not sure what you're saying there. I'm not really good with computers. This copy is one i torrented. I just need the cd to ask for my licnese and i'll call microsoft.

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You torrented a copy of what?

by seanferd In reply to to bwilmot's why caldera

You downloaded Windows? Or did you download an open source version of DR-DOS (FreeDOS)?

What version of Windows?

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to torrented what?

by sleepy18723 In reply to You torrented a copy of w ...

i torrented a copy of Microsoft Windows XP Tablet Edition. All I'm trying to do is, install the tablet PC as my os onto my laptop I recently nuked with Geek Squad's MRI. I have a legit license on my laptop that I will call Microsoft to change to.

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by seanferd In reply to to torrented what?

Microsoft may not like the fact that you downloaded a copy of Windows.

Are you sure Tablet PC is right for your laptop? This is probably why it wont install in DOS.

Do you not have an installation disk or recovery CD that came with the laptop?

If the laptop came pre-installed with Windows, you need to talk to the OEM (vendor), not Microsoft.

I am going to assume that you also downloaded GeekSquad's MRI. Your whole endeavor is sounding just a tiny bit illegal.

Please dispel my erroneous thinking if I am wrong.

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