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This really makes me trust

By Jaqui ·
Symantec / Nortons over security issues.


if they are willing to lie to the IRS, that Government Agency famed for no sense of humour, what lies are they telling their customers?
or shareholders?

that your computer is protected against all known threats? ]:)
That they are making money? ]:)

The article:

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scary thought....

by frostbite In reply to This really makes me trus ...

but following that money-making motive angle... will a company risk losing money by telling a lie on its main source of revenue?

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They did lose...

by Jaqui In reply to scary thought....

Their stock value dropped as soon as the report hit the stock markets.

Until it is reviewed and shown that the IRS was wrong, symantec's stock isn't going to be going anywhere but down.
Their sales are going to drop.
[ a billion dollar bill to the IRS BEFORE penalties are added? can we say bankruptcy, product support GONE? ]

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