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This still on

By IT_Lobo ·
I am just checking it to see if you guys are still attacking me while I have been gone. I see a few of you just can't let things go.

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Who are you,

by CharlieSpencer In reply to This still on

and why should I care? Is anyone attacking that matters to you? If not, why should you care either?

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Are you talking

by mjd420nova In reply to This still on

About your profession or you personally??

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I'm sorry, I missed the last meeting.

by Mickster269 In reply to This still on

What were we attacking you about again?

I've lost my notes, but that's on another thread (do-be-do-be doo).

Could you refresh my memory of what we can't let go ?

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Most of us couldn't give a bugger whether you come or go

by neilb@uk In reply to This still on

I've never attacked you but I could start in if you want.

I never even noticed you particularly until you felt the need to leave, complaining about persecution by Oz_media. It seems that you are back in much the same way that you left us.

Alas, you have become a symbol, for some, of a whiny poster who won't stick up for himself. You are now down in the TR lexicon as such and they are in the process of developing an IT_Lobo emoticon.

Go away.

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But neil

by jdclyde In reply to Most of us couldn't give ...

remember that was a hush hush project. Complete denial.....

You must have missed the memo.

Did you get my link for the Stern video?

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Good comeback - much better

by neilb@uk In reply to I will have to send your ...

Bit of a problem though. I'm English and therefore only subject to the law in my country. I have been taking small payments from US peers to insult and annoy. Like all guns for hire, though, I am loyal only to the highest bidder.

If you feel that you need my services then peer-mail me. Rates very reasonable. Note that I will not insult Mae or Maxwell because they frighten me.

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by maecuff In reply to Good comeback - much bett ...

I'm not scary. I'm kinda mousy and timid. I just get to let my inner child out here. If only I could get her take off her hockey mask..

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Is it an inner child

by DMambo In reply to Neil

with a pack of matches, a very sharp carving knife, supernatural powers and an affinity for pig's blood?

I hope not you seem so nice.

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I really am nice

by maecuff In reply to Is it an inner child

except when I'm not.

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