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Time Management for System Administrators

by thom In reply to Thom @ Work

This book by <a href="">Thomas A. Limoncelli</a><img src="" alt="" border="0" height="1" width="1" /> might be the book that changes my life and rockets my career. Or it may just be a great O'Reilly addition to my tech library. One thing is for sure - <em><strong><a href="">Time Management for System Administrators</a><img src="" alt="" border="0" height="1" width="1" /></strong></em>was written for me.<br /><br />Once I revive the SugarCRM server I smoked two days ago, and after I make changes to my Tech Support Customer Service Survey, and once I get finished spanking my VOIP consultants and giving them the "you are killing my business - it's going on 4 months - <a href="">wtf is the problem</a> - <a href="">our phone system</a> still hangs up 3 - 10 times a week and you still have 20 line items on the scope left to deliver! Mr. Nice Thom has gone on vacation - I am about to <a href="">get HBO</a> on you guys!!!" - and maybe after I train 20 users to know the difference between a right click vs. a left click - and maybe after I patch Quickbooks (un)Enterprise edition (that requires a reboot of W2K3 server) maybe I will be able to comment on this book. Then again, <a href="">maybe sheep will fly</a>.

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