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Thoughts for webmasters and beginner webmasters by Phillips

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My first webpage - what should beginners learn first? (First Blog)

by cphillips In reply to Thoughts for webmasters a ...

<p>To start things off I will pose a question to other current webmasters:

<p><strong>If a complete beginner is learning how to create a webpage for the first time, what would you recommend they learn first?</strong> </p>
<p>This question came up when my girlfriend needed to create a webpage for one of her classes and asked if I could help. I thought "no problem, I create websites all the time", but then it hit me. What should you show them? An outdated, old-school version of HTML? Thats what educational institutions do, but is it worth it? </p>
<p>I wanted to tell my girlfriend all about CSS (and external style sheets), XHTML, SEO, Standards compliance... But I knew it would all be over her head. </p>
<p>So back to my question: Do I teach my girlfriend basic HTML and tables? I cringe when I think about making a site using a table for layout. </p>
<p>I think the important thing is to try to remember being a beginner, (hard for some of us). If you cant try to watch someone new create a webpage for the first time. Its amazing how excited they get when they see something they created up on the "internet" and knowing that anyone in the world can access that website. Funny how most of us don?t get excited like that anymore. It does not matter how they do it, as a beginner they just want the end result. If they want to pursue more, I would direct them to XTHML and CSS, as soon as possible.</p>
<p>So, I "sucked it up" and showed her how to create a website using HTML and tables going against everything I have learned.</p>
<p>What would you other "seasoned" webmasters do in the same position?</p>
<p> </p>

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My first webpage - what should beginners learn first? (First Blog)

by omemedia In reply to My first webpage - what s ...

I know the problem you're dealing with. I agree that the best thing
would be to teach her about CSS, standards compliance and so on ... but
you're probably going about it the right way when you teach the old
school ways. Trying to grasp all about the modern way of creating a
website could come as a shock to a beginner, and he/she might stop it
right there.<br />
<br />
However, if you teach her the simple way first, she might find the
passion that you mention, and then she'll want to learn more. That's
when you tell her about the much better way to create websites. So ...
get her hooked and then show her the better way.<br />
<br />
This is my experience anyway.<br />

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