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    Thoughts on renting hardware over buying?

    by jgkirby96



    How would you feel about renting a computer (similarly to how you would rent a car) over buying one?

    Off the top of my head here’s how this would way up for me personally but I’m really interested to see what others (including you reading this!) think.

    No upfront cost.
    pay as you go.
    Free support and guarantee with the computer.
    New, up to date hardware.

    Data / personal data on the computer upon returning.
    over the long term it could be more expensive.
    Unable to add upgrades to the physical computer hardware.

    How much would you be willing to pay a month for it to be worth it to you? What would be your biggest concerns about renting over buying?

    Your opinion matters to me whether young, old, gamer, editor or just an avid web browser so don’t feel that you can’t add feedback to this post no matter how big or small, negative or positive. And a massive thank you to anyone that does!

    This post is for market research as I’d like to start a business in this area, so if anyone has any business advice too that they would like to add it would be massively helpful to me 馃檪

    Thanks for taking the time to read my topic, you’re awesome 8)

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      Not suitable here

      by oh smeg

      In reply to Thoughts on renting hardware over buying?

      Simply because you do not own the hardware and at the end of the rental period you return it. Any data on the HDD is then available to the company who owns it and you have no control over what is done with that data be that Bank Log In Details or E Mail addresses.

      Same thing happens with large format printers where they have a HDD inside them. You can be returning hundred of different documents to the company when your rental period expires and then you have no control over what that company does with that data.

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        Completely Agree

        by jgkirby96

        In reply to Not suitable here

        Thanks for your reply.

        This is probably the biggest downfall and is true in all cases. What about an option to purchase the storage HDD/SSD inside the machine after renting to allow for complete reassurance that no data has been returned?

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          That is up to the Rental Company

          by oh smeg

          In reply to Completely Agree

          But I have yet to see one offer something like that so I can only assume that they base their Business Plan on data from ex rentals.

          Besides most places don’t want you messing with their equipment and that is part of the rental agreement it breaks we fix and you do nothing.

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