Thoughts on using Logmein Pro 2

By chschwall ·
I would like to get some feedback on using Logmein Pro 2 from anyone using this on a large scale. Currently we are using DameWare to login to our remote pc's and it?s been a great tool for us aside from the PC?s that manage to drop off of our domain and/or are unable to connect to the VPN. My latest challenge is finding a solution to support Contractor laptops that will not be connected to our Domain or VPN and oh by the way I have 10 (Business) days to publish a solution. We are looking at Cisco Meeting Place as a possible long term approach but for now I need a quick solution. Please let me know your thoughts and/or concerns on using Logmein for connecting to remote PC?s outside of our network.

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Good Choice - Logmein Pro has worked very well for me

by datc42 In reply to Thoughts on using Logmein ...

I've been using Logmein for 4 years and I've never had a problem with connecting to my server even in very far flung plces in africa and the Australian outback. As long as it has an internet connection it's worked. It has a very useful control centre for managing and logging users as well. I would definitely recommend using it. I have about 30 users connected. and its very easy to use.


Dan Barker

Hardy Technical Services Ltd

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Simple Help and Simple Gateway

by shhite In reply to Thoughts on using Logmein ...

We use Simple Gateway and are very sucessful with it.

The difference between simple gateway and simple help are that gateway loads a service perminatly on machines so you would have to own the computer simple help is used mored as help desk tool to work on non company computers. Both can be used together. It is a one time fee. You buy the software and host on your own server and do not incur a monthly charge.

Website is

They do allow access to a full trial version for 14 days I believe.

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Logmein is a good tool

by jfuller05 In reply to Thoughts on using Logmein ...

I have a co-worker that uses Logmein and she has no complaints with it. She said it's a good tool for remote login to her server.

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RE: LogMeIn Pro 2

We looked at several options for remote control tools recently, for our HD staff. The HD supports c. 2000 employees, 10% of which are in the field in 20 different states. We had been using Citrix's Go2Assist, but that is expensive. There was also a need to just remote into a system over the open internet, when someone could not get connected through the SSL VPN.

We ultimately ended up doing a demo of and purchasing TeamViewer 5.0. It is quick and easy for HD support, as the end user can be directed to a site in our DMZ to click on a link. The client-side app is stand alone, so they don't have to install anything. This makes the process much faster. For machines you would like to get into multiple times, you can install the client side and start it as a Service with Windows.

There are a lot of the standard features, such as locking the remote screen, obtaining the system config of the remote machine, remote reboot and reconnect, etc. My personal opinion, the file transfer works much faster than in other tools.

The big sell for us was price. We were paying well over $20k a year for 20 licenses of Go2Assist. With TeamViewer, it was just over $12k. And that price is a one-time hurt. For the $12k, you get a life-long license and access to upgrades, as well as customer support. I sold it as saving the company $88k over the course of 5 years, and got quick buy in. So far, the HD loves it.

I also like the fact that it is free for personal use. I use the product all the time for friends and family that I support in Michigan and in California, or just getting to one of my home machines from a laptop while traveling. It might be worth a try before committing to a more expensive tool.

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