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Thoughts on Windows 10

By purplebonbon098 ·
I have recently upgraded one of my laptops from 8.1 to Windows 10. So far I happen to really love the look and feel of it.

Anyone else upgrade yet? How do you like it?

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I love having my start button back

by tcavadias Staff In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

I know that is a very minor thing, but I do enjoy having my start button back. I too like the look/feel of Windows 10.

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I have updgraded

by daniel.kamas1 In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

And I like it very much. It's much more of the familiar Win7 style that we all know and love.

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I haven't upgraded yet, still hold off until all bugs are worked out...

by leekoo Staff In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

I guess I have until July 2016

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I love game DVR

by nickzhao812 In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

It works pretty well. Programs run smoothly and I find a built-in game dvr which is a good news for those game players like me. i can thus record some game video clips, but it seems only effective for games!

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Another pile of Microsoft rubbish

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

I chose not to upgrade from 7 whatever which worked perfectly. Several days latter on a forced reboot the system told me it was installing Windows and please be patient. Well 2.5 hours latter the screens showed the same picture apparently the Multihead Video Card that I was using doesn't have 10 drivers so it defaulted to the basic display so my 6 monitors are all showing the same thing. Well I suppose it saves electricity as I turn 5 of the monitors off when I'm running 10 which now isn't often.

Then some software no longer works which shouldn't be happening as 10 is supposed to be a Development of Vista, 7 and 8 which really confuses me about the Video Driver as according the Video Card Maker I have the correct driver, maybe 10 just doesn't like Multi Monitor setup's.

Then to really add insult to injury I rebooted into XP and the Windows 10 Dual/Multi Boot Setup is so chunky that it looks positively worse than a Alpha. Every Microsoft OS including 98, ME and Vista had a better Multi Boot Setup which doesn't slow the system to a crawl till the basic boot files are loaded.

While I'm not prepared to totally mess up this unit by stripping 10 from it I'm adding another HDD and reloading 7. That way I'll get the better Boot Loader and be able to ignore 10 without needing to spend weeks rebuilding this unit with the 6 different OS's that it runs.

10 is OK if you know no better but if you want to compare it to a OS that sort of works OK like 7 or 8 currently it's rubbish which strictly speaking it shouldn't be as it should work the same as 7 and be developed so it works better.

Till they get the current bugs ironed out I'm telling my customers to avoid it unless it comes loaded on a new system at which point it should work with the supplied hardware even if you can not upgrade the system to what you need. Also the 24 GIG of RAM that I run on this system seems to slow 10 right down which strictly speaking shouldn’t be happening. 7 8 run fine with this setup as well as Debian, Mint and Fedora but for some reason unless I remove all but 1 x 8 GIG RAM Module 10 crawls along where as all the other Window OS fly even XP works quicker than 10 on this hardware.

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Windows 10 is good.

by aaron.shelton1 In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

I have also a laptop with Windows 8.1. Some of my friends have upgraded to Windows 10 and after working on their laptop I have become much curious to upgrade my windows too.

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Windows 10 Thoughts

by Steve Delgato In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

I also have upgraded to Windows 10 from Windows 8.1 and so far its good. The interface is quite traditional which is liked most and multiple options are arranged under one roof so you no need to run everywhere.

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Upgraded from 8.1 to 10

by TerryPenJ In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

So far so good. I like the interface of Win10.

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Upgraded from 8.1 to 10

by TerryPenJ In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

So far so good. I like the interface of Win10.

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Good windows 10

by surya kumar In reply to Thoughts on Windows 10

It's good nice to have. better for gaming and all.

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