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By KingOfTheNerds ·
Hi All,

When I ghost a client in a group of machines it freezes the ghost session. I tracked it down to being slower than the other machines in transfer of MB per minute.

All machines in the lab are identical with the same onboard RTL1839 nic cards.

What I want is a piece of software that can tell me the throughput and network speed of a particular connection, so I can identify other faulty machines in the network.

I don't want to buy an expensive hardware test and I was hoping there was a free software utility that could give me a line speed and throughput by simply typing in the Host Name and it gives me back the data I need.

Ping is an example of this although it does not give enough info.


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by BFilmFan In reply to ThroughPut Tester

If you have intelligent switches or hubs, most of those come with the software to perform that task.

Otherwise, your best bet would be network performance monitor.

To be honest, without some sophistacted piece of equipment like a sniffer, you will at best be taking a lot of guesses.

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by KingOfTheNerds In reply to

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by sgt_shultz In reply to ThroughPut Tester

i saw a network tdr from Triplett for $200. you could test your cabling...

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by KingOfTheNerds In reply to

Can you elaborate? What is a tdr and who is Triplett?

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by KingOfTheNerds In reply to ThroughPut Tester

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