Thumbs for making "worth while"

By jdclyde ·
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Ok, lets see if this weeks TROLOV can rank higher than Sonja's or Dill Betwhiler that Sonja talks about every now and then!

Step up and give it the worthwhile check and get a thumb! Get em while their hot!

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by jimmy-jam In reply to Thumbs for making "worth ...

Its a cheap way to get #30 but I'll take it

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Works for me!

by jdclyde In reply to Done
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I'm on a protest strike

by jck In reply to Works for me! :D

No more thumbs up from me.

Sorry, but I have a chip on my shoulder.

Must be a fragment from my C6 vertebrae. :^0

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You always were

by jdclyde In reply to I'm on a protest strike

a bit of a cryass, weren't you?

How you healing up?

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being a cryass

by jck In reply to You always were

at least i didn't make a blog out of my injury for attention and pity :^0 (don't mess with me...i got even more bitter since my injury/painkiller withdrawls )

Okay. I'm back at the office now. My neck is hurting, but they said it could for up to 12 months. Can't come to KY for the event since I used up all my vacation/sick leave while in the hospital.

I am currently fathoming pulling a deal on the banks, consolidating all of my home debt into one note, then short selling the house and leaving the new note holder with nothing to show.

I am really sick of things, and I don't care if my credit goes in the crapper for whatever reason. I can stay at my job another year, rent a local non-sold spec home for half the money, be closer to work, and can move whenever i want.

My credit will rebound in 12 months because I'll have an extra $9k a year in the bank and will turn around things bought on cards in 1-3 months and show payment ability.

I am just really down still owning the house, but that's because I saw a job I would like to have gotten with a city government in NC and can't because I can't sell the house in no time flat.

Oh well, that's life...I guess.

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Sounds like you are having a relaps

by jdclyde In reply to being a cryass

"sorry, my back hurts to much" (next friday as you are halfway to KY)....

Then again, I at least am sharing the ride, so that will lower expenses and share the driving.

Still only working part-time, so saving where I can is a must.

Leaving Thursday after work and heading back Sunday. While I am not bouncing as much as GG (NO ONE is), this is still going to be cool. A shame you, Mae, and Jessie can't make it. Imagine if we could have also pulled in Jaqui? oh my.... Kentucky would never be the same!

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if i came

by jck In reply to Sounds like you are havin ...

I'd probably end up tucked in a corner with Sonja, GG, and Shellbot drinking in half-lighted accommodations.

I'm not a big social beast...not at least til after the 5th or 6th margarita. :^0

Yeah, I can't make it. No paid leave now. I borrowed $1ks to pay medical expense (btw...out of pocket insurance maximums? crock of $hit...almost paid double mine since April).

but hey...I have two new shiny titanium rods in my neck now...I can set off metal detectors now without my gun or knife!!!!! :^0

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I wonder

by jdclyde In reply to Sounds like you are havin ...

what the resale value of titanium is..... ;\

Make sure to leave THAT in your will!

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TItanium rods and such are a crematorium workers perks

by neilb@uk In reply to Sounds like you are havin ...

Is that a word you guys use?

Titanium is worth around 20USD/lb so, unless you're carrying around more than a kilo or so...

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OK JD, I did it for Sonia, not you

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Thumbs for making "worth ...

or the thumb, have fun.

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