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This question is for TRs Sonja!!!

Do you think advertising by IT hardware and software manufactures effect IT business decisions?

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Since I am scum

by The Scummy One In reply to Thumbs for Sonja!!!

I will answer :^0

yes -- the weak minded are always influenced by ads. Also, it depends on how the ads are perceived, determining its effectiveness. However, many IT decisions are based more on performance and tests than ads alone.


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Do you really think that responding to an ad is weak?

by tintoman In reply to Since I am scum

I have discovered a lot of products I never knew existed through advertising media, and beleive me I am no sales person's delight!!

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I was think more on the lines of being hip, cool,

by CG IT In reply to Do you really think that ...

I think many of the marketing firms try to glamorize IT as being hip, cool, and part of the in crowd. Apple does this quite effectively. Intel did this with their Pentium processor TV ads.

Sorta goes with the "latest and greatest" gamer mentality. The "Not the best unless" one is using whatever product the mfgs have that is the the latest and greatest.

I'm sure lots of IT people are swayed by the "latest and greatest" syndrome.

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Often yes

by The Scummy One In reply to Do you really think that ...

learning about a new product from an ad is not a bad thing by itself. But marketing has gotten way outta hand, and often suggested promises are inaccurate.
I stopped purchasing because of ads long, long ago. Instead I browse around for things that I need, and often run into stuff. However that is not the rule for me, I have found items in ads, and then looked it up, and then looked for other comparisons to determine if it is worth it or not.
Often, even latest and greatest, does not stack up with less advertised items, however many times they actually do stack up well, or bring extra features.

So basically, for me, ads by themselves are for the weak minded. Especially if the ad is taken at value of the promoter. For those who see an ad and then start researching, this is a different story.

I do wonder, how many fly by night products sold because a large number of idiots saw an ad on TV, and had to have it, and it didnt live up to the hype?

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I do wonder, how many fly by night products

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Often yes

You mean things like Windows 98?

I never could understand the need to wait out in the cold outside a shop to be the First to buy Windows 98 or for that Matter Vista though in the case of Vista the lines where much smaller.

It's bad enough being Paying Beta Testers but to line up in the wet & cold to have to pay to be the first Beta Tester I just can not understand.


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I think that....

by boxfiddler Moderator In reply to Thumbs for Sonja!!!

advertising as a marketable service and skill set was given the tools it needs to enslave the masses via the field of Psychology. Therefore, yes I do think that - to the degree that IT business decision making people are mental wusses with no self-awareness, self-will, common sense, and critical thinking skills - yes, advertising by IT hardware and software manufacturers effects IT business decisions.<br><br>

Darn near better than the psycho-babblers themselves, if I do say so myself!

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Short answer - yes and no

by Sonja Thompson Staff In reply to Thumbs for Sonja!!!

But then I'd feel guilty for not providing some sort of meaty answer here! LOL
Sure, I think that advertising helps facilitate sales. However, product reviews and customer satisfaction <i>should</i> have more leverage when it comes to IT business purchasing decisions. You can wrap something in a pretty package, but if people say it sucks, who in their right mind would buy it?

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by The Scummy One In reply to Short answer - yes and no

This was my point -- we think alike (somewhat). Research is a key component that many seem to miss

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Ding! Thumbs Up!

by CG IT In reply to Short answer - yes and no

I agree word of mouth goes a long way with product sales. Especially with the High School aged crowd. How many of us "older" people text message? To me, that's like note passing in Jr. High School. Someone wants to get a hold of me, they call, not text.

But a lot of advertising for cell phones, are for the bling factor such as the camera, text messaging and adding in more and more features to it. To me, it's a phone. If it's got an address book and works, I'm happy.

But I often have wondered how this type of advertising of business products actually effect business purchasing decision.

there was that discussion about IT business alignment and this fits in there with that. Advertising says to stay competetive in a global economy, have to have the latest and greatest, but in reality, with the mix of standard and custom applications and operating systems, getting the latest and greatest can actually spell disaster.

Note: I was going to make this a discussion thread but couldn't think of a tech question to ask to get you your first thumbs up...

But I think it would be a great discussion thread that dovetails into the IT Business Alignment discussion.

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