Thunder on my computer

By kluger ·
I get a sound that sounds like thunder or an explosion through my speakers. It happens intermitantly withut any finexed time pattern.
What's causing it and how can I get rid of it? It's very irretating.
Thank you.

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This could be almost anything here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Thunder on my computer

Ranging from Dirty Power and/or a bad Power supply to an Earth Loop.

But if it is Interment I would be looking at the Power Supply in a desktop system not filtering the power correctly and it needs replacing. Though it could just as easily be a software conflict occurring and causing this to happen. Or unfiltered mains and spikes caused by other unrelated electrical equipment like Fridges, AC Units and so on, on that circuit.


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Or even a software package installed

by w2ktechman In reply to This could be almost anyt ...

look for unwanted software on the system as well. I have run into a range of 'strange sounds' on peoples systems that almost always led to some small program installed. Often times it was a side effect of some downloaded trinket, screensaver, emoticons, or mouse pointer

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Does it happen if you use different speakers?

by neilb@uk In reply to Thunder on my computer

That's the first thing to try as that should allow you to check that you don't simply have a loose wire in the speakers or cables connecting them to the computer.

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Strange sounds

by mjd420nova In reply to Thunder on my computer

I've heard some pretty strange sounds come from many computer sound cards and intergrated sound systems. Most were caused by the audioo cabling to and from sound cards being too close to power and data cables inside the unit. Keeping those cables and wires away from the other cables is essential to having a clean sound reproduction system on your PC. In extreme cases I've even had to wrap the audio cables to and from a CD drive and sound card with foil and ground it to the chassis. Many sounds can be induced in these cables by the data cables to and from hard drives and even USB ports connected to external devices. Try repositioning the cables away from others and see if you can reduce or eliminate the causes.

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by SKDTech In reply to Thunder on my computer

Do you have your cellphone or other cordless device near your comp when it happens? Could be a possible cause although it usually causes more of a high pitched sounds in my experience.

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Ours actually MOO like a cow!

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Possibility

Especially when the Ambulance/Police vehicles drive by the building. Cell phones do it too though, if they're near the computer.

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Weather Channel

by ashley In reply to Thunder on my computer

Are you running the weather channel desktop on your computer? I had the same issue, i couldn't figure it out but then realized that the weather channel desktop played an alert(thunder sound) when there was some type of weather alert. if you are then go to settings and disable the sound alert.

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Cell Phone

by LarryD4 In reply to Thunder on my computer

Do you keep your cell phone or any other wireless device like a land line wireless phone near your speakers or PC?

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Ooh. More good answers.

by seanferd In reply to Thunder on my computer
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Thunder Sounds

by Txsys In reply to Thunder on my computer

The Weather Channel will do this when there is a SEVERE WEATHER ALERT pending. If you don't want to hear this thunder just click the Star Settings Icon, click the Start and Audio Options, and turn OFF the Play Alert Sounds.

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