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Thunderbird hangs

By dherde ·
I am seeing two issues that I cannot explain and am wondering if anyone else is experiencing them or has a solution..

Item 1: Thunderbird running on XP.. from time to time, the user will select an email and tell it to delete (right click del, or hit the del key or hit the del button). Thunderbird will hang and be unresponsive for about thirty seconds. Then the email will delete and everything appears hunky dory.

Item 2: Thunderbird on W2k.. I have a local mail file that collects the junk (junk). When I select the folder, Thunderbird pegs out the processor and hangs. I can release the computer by ending thunderbird in the task manager, but I can't delete the junk out of that folder because it hangs whenever I touch the folder. This does not happen on any other folder.


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by OTL In reply to Thunderbird hangs

Well yeah when you try to open a folder with several thousand new e-mails, it will hang. Though of sending them to never-never land ? Straight into the trash and deleting when you log out ?

Or, open it before you go to lunch (or home) when you return from lunch (or home) it might be open for you to administrate.

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by dherde In reply to

Please excuse me, but I have no idea what you said.

The user in scenario 1 has very few (less than 30) emails in her system. It is a new install.

In scenario 2, there ar maybe 50 email items in the junk folder.

I don't think your observation applies.
Any other ideas?

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by OTL In reply to Thunderbird hangs

Item 1: Since it is only a mail service what are you using to access it ? Web, POP, IMAP, FTP ? IE, Outlook, Eudora, Mozilla, Firefox? What AV and firewall ? If it is a large file and AV is set to scan all e-mail or if the e-mail is from a firewall restricted domain or is linked to one, could be slowing it down. Size does matter when you are moving/deleting files.

Item 2: Junk (spam) e-mail is usually quite large, Item 1 possible ? Tried right clicking on the folder and check the properties ? Have you recently ran a spyware/virus check/defragged these computers ? If not I suggest you do, could be the reason they are having problems finding all the junk e-mails is that pieces of them are all over the HD (major file fragmentation).

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by dherde In reply to

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by dherde In reply to Thunderbird hangs

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