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Tif file is black

By Khalid_Butt ·
i have a machine with 1gb of memory and when viewing tif files using the built in ms document imaging software the image is displayed black, have done load of research and narrowed down to memory.

if i have 768 of ram x1 512 and x1 256mb it can opoen and view the tif files fine.

the problem seems to be around the page file size and this where i need your advice the setting is custom and with 768mb of ram the min size is 756mb and max is 1512mb, there is no logic to this as page file should be ram x1.5 ie 768 x1.5= 1152 and the max size should be ram x2 ie 768x2=1536.

i have applied the same theory with 1gb of ram ie min =988 ram minus 12mb and max =1926 ram x2

look forward to your advise

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