Tight Space on Server C: Drive

By kim.kendall@wardgoodman. ·
One of my Windows 2003 Servers is running short of space (1.3Gb) on its c: drive. There are three physical drives in a RAID 5 config. partitioned into c: and d:.

There's very little that can be removed from c: but plenty of space on d:.

The machine has 4Gb RAM. There's a 2Gb Page file on c: and 4Gb on d:.

Can you help with the easiest / most successful way, to change the partition sizes without losing anything? It's running Windows 2003 Standard Edition SP2

Many thanks


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by ian.hutty In reply to Tight Space on Server C: ...

Hi - I have used acronis disk partition manager for this in the past with great success. Perhaps you need to look at something like this and steal some space off D for use on C

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Windows Updates...

by rkuhn In reply to Tight Space on Server C: ...

Have you deleted your Windows Updates? Not uninstalling them, just the remnents left over.

In C:\WINDOWS, anything that starts with a $ can be deleted safely. That sometimes frees up hundreds of MB if not more.

You can also delete anything in C:\WINDOWS\SoftwareDistribution. Upon reboot, the server will recreate it and the old garbage will be gone.

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by colmgdonnelly In reply to Tight Space on Server C: ...

Hi, don't bother with purchasing acronis or other driver partition tools. Your best bet is to convert your logical drive to a dynamic disk, and then create a mount point with space from your d partition. basically what you are doing is creating a folder (lets say 10gb in size) it will be on your c partition but using the space from your D. see
Hope this helps

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