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TightVNC connects to the wrong computer

By Saskatech ·
We are running Tight VNC on about 80 machines and it works on all except for 3 of them.

(We will call them A,B and C).

when I type in workstation A's name I connect to B, when I type in workstation B's name I connect to C and when I type in workstation C's name I get C.... I have flushed the DNS on each machine I have confirmed the IP addresses I have unjoined and re joined the machines to our domain but I am at a loss as to why when I type one machines name I am forwarded to a different machine.

No other machines are doing this and the majority of them are the same machine.

Any suggestions?

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I think you need more info on it,, more here.....

Please post back if you have any more problems or questions.

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by Saskatech In reply to I think you need more inf ...

Thank you for the reply.

Looking at the guide I couldn't find anything there to explain why one machines name forwards me to a different machine. With all other computers if you just type in the name of the station (i.e X1) it will just connect as it should, but for these few stations it is connecting to a completley different station.

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by Saskatech In reply to I think you need more inf ...

Sorry double post.

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What about the workstation you are connecting from?

by 1bn0 In reply to TightVNC connects to the ...

Your problem is either the network DNS is not updating or the workstation you are accessing the machines FROM is caching network addresses. I get this regularly at work. Flush YOUR machine.

Try ping tests to verify.

If the addresses are known, ping the address first to make sure you have connectivity over the network. Then ping the mahcines by name. If you don't get the same result the problem is that your local workstation is not getting the correct information.

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by Saskatech In reply to What about the workstatio ...

During the ping tests I actually found that the 2 of the 3 machines in question pinged to differnt IP adresses than the ipconfig on that machine shows. A had the right one, B had the exact same one as A and the C had the B's actual address (meaning the C's was missing so it took over the B's and B moved to share the A's IP.)

So now it's a matter of figuring out why, and how to fix that.

So when I VNC'd using the ip address found on the machines ipconfig I could connect to the proper machine, but when I ping to the machine by its name a different IP address comes up.

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Try the IP address

by ugadata In reply to TightVNC connects to the ...

to go around any DNS issue, try using the actual IP address to connect to the problematic PCs.

Presuming that the actual IP works OK, double check your DNS server and/or if any of the problem PCs have a HOSTS file with incorrect entries.

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by Saskatech In reply to Try the IP address

This is exactly what I did and once I found out the correct IP from running ipconfig on each machine, I could in fact VNC to each of them without error. So now the problem becomes why does a ping to the machines actualy name (ie, X1) show a different IP and how will I fix this one.

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WINS issue

by jnhager In reply to yup

Could it be a WINS or NetBIOS problem?

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As Simple as it is :-)

by uppulurivasu In reply to TightVNC connects to the ...

Let me help you with this issue, I understand that you are able to VNC through IP and not by the hostname... the quickest resolution that can be done is by checking the following:
a) First see if your host file in (C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc\) maps perfectly if not just edit them or remove them.
b) If its in a Windows NT Domain with Win95 and 98 etc, make sure that you have correct pointers in the WINS.
c) finally check if the mapping (A Records) point to the IP's perfectly.

After all these changes, just restart your machine (or) do a ipconfig /release and then a ipconfig /renew (or) stop and start the network.

This should fix it, else please let me know so that I can see it further.


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