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Time and Modem

By Shanghai Sam ·
I have a pc running win 98 I have a problem with the clock (am-pm). In the bios setup the clock is running fine but under windows it seems to run about 2 and half times faster witch ends up effecting almost all the software.I have formated the HD and reloaded windows but to no avail Ive even gone as far as to take out the battery for the bios and put it back but also to no avail.If any one can help me it will be highly appreciated.

Secondly on the same pc it has a AMR intergrated modem.The modem installs properly and test properly in diags but as soon as I plug the phone line into it, it seases to function and gives me a error that some other software or hardware is using it and it cannot do what I want it to do now.I have checked everything and cannot find any item interfering with it.PS the same thing occurs if I install another modem via the expansion slots.
If someone can help me with these problems it will be highly appreciated.

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Time and Modem

by TheChas In reply to Time and Modem

The fast clock is the key here.
You say the BIOS clock is fine. So, I assume that the clock only runs fast while you are in Windows.
It may be a CPU/MB problem.
Are you over-clocking the CPU or the Buss? This could cause the real-time-clock routine to run wrong.

Do you have over 511MB of ram installed? Many users have had problems with more than 511MB of ram. Windows can become confused, and load multiple copies of drivers. This would explain both the fast clock and the modem problem.

Also, make sure that you have the latest drivers installed for the motherboard / chipset, and the modem. Also, disable the comm ports on the MB if you are not using them.

There are also Tech Republic and Microsoft articles on troubleshooting modems in W98.
The MS article is Q190554

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