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    Time bombs / timed malware

    by Oblivion99 ·

    Dear all

    I have several offline backup data systems. It would be a disaster, if somehow the offline backup data systems got infected with a time bomb / timed walware – and then the time bomb would execute after several years.

    It could be:
    Malware that deletes all the data
    Malware that overwrites all the data
    Malware like ransomware that will encrypt the data

    I have effective deterrences, such as don’t visit shady websites, don’t open shady links, updated OS and run scans often.

    Has anyone heard about time a bomb / timed walware, that either delete all the data, overwrite all the data or encrypt all the data?

    If it happened, what could I do to undo / solve it?
    Try to decrypt the data
    Delete all data:
    Overwrite all data:

    Would a antivirus / anti-malware scanner still detect the threat / danger in the file?

    Thank you

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      Reply To: Time bombs / timed malware

      by birdmantd ·

      In reply to Time bombs / timed malware

      Yes, you should always protect and backup data you cannot lose. The bigger question is have you had any signs that your system may have been compromised or are you just concerned about what “might” happen? You need to be clearer about what you want or need to know.

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        My questions

        by Oblivion99 ·

        In reply to Reply To: Time bombs / timed malware

        Dear birdmantd

        No signs of my system compromised.

        My questions are more theoretical.

        Would you like to try to answer my questions?

        Thank you

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          Risk is Real

          by brassring ·

          In reply to My questions

          1. I’m not aware of any reported compromises to date. There might be unpublished compromises or maybe time bombs are waiting to go off. The risk is that a system might have a sleeper malware that has been part of a back up. If the code is not detected on the system, which appears to be a significant possibility. It can appear as benevolent code.

          Let’s say that a system is compromised and ransomware is installed. The infected backup is used to restore the system, only to detonate later with the ransomeware (again). I’ve see research that indicates AI can be used to create such malware.

          2. Can you clarify what you mean, “if it happens?” Do you mean if you backup malware unknowingly or if it activates?

          3. The question is whether the malware can be detected immediately/early. To my knowledge, this is unknown though AI might provide defensive resources for detection. That’s way above my pay grade at this point.

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