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Time Clock Changes w/out User interface

By kinneym_98_98_98 ·
I have recently notice that my clock on one of my XP's
has changed back an hour without any help from me or
my family. I'm not big with computers so I don't really
know where to look for the problem. I've done some
research about it and the other sites have said that its in
the bios. I don't know how to access the bios with XP I
haven't tried to see if its the same way as with Win98.
Any information that you can give me to tell me about it
will be helpfull.
Some more information about the computer

Its constantly on, has virus detection, has firewall. It has
2x512 ram cards in it. Not really sure of much else. My
family and I just recently got it after a fiascal with the
computer company. If you want to know more about the
fiascal w/ the company just let me know but I warn you
its takes some explaning. Company never did tell us
what was wrong w/ the computer the first time. But we
have had problems with the computer on more than
one occasion (3x's actually had to send it back)

Master Mike

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by dmiles In reply to Time Clock Changes w/out ...

The CMOS battery could be going bad,which is attached to the motherboard that will cause the computer to lose time,check the motherboard manual if available to reference,it will give a detail view of the battery and explanation for changing.To change the battery will require removing the case cover.
To open Bios Setup,when the computer boots,look carefully at the startup screen in bottom left corner,it will show you what key to press to enter setup.

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by maxwell edison In reply to Time Clock Changes w/out ...

If this happened only once, and if the time change was exactly one hour, I would be led to believe that it has something to do with the time-zone that's selected or the automatic adjustment for daylight savings (which would point to the date as well).

The first thing to do is set the date and time correctly, select the correct time zone, and see if it happens again.

To set these (in Windows), go to Start - Go to Settings - Go to Control Panel - Double click on the Date/Time icon. There are two tabs, Date/Time and timezone. Set everything correctly, and see what happens. My guess is that it will be fine.

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by kinneym_98_98_98 In reply to

yup it was the timezone, figures the simplist things can be overlooked.

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by Cactus Pete In reply to Time Clock Changes w/out ...

By default, XP will run a program to make sure the time stays accurate. As Maxwell said, you likely have the timezone wrong, and the NTP service notices this error between the time the computer thinks it should be and the time you set it to be.

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by kinneym_98_98_98 In reply to

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by kinneym_98_98_98 In reply to Time Clock Changes w/out ...

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