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time computer

By jarif93 ·
can someone help?
I have a old "TIME computer" running win98se.
i had to reinstall windows on it.but dont have a drivers for onboard video and sound devices.
can someone tell me where to look for it.

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by josh In reply to time computer

what is the make/model of your computer? if it manf. you can go to the manf. website and download drivers. If it is a custom machine, then you need to open it up and pull out and look what PCI devices you have, their make and model. You need to see what kind of Motherboard you have, its make/model and write them down. Then you need to go to the manf. side of the mobo and PCI devices and get drivers for win98/ME.
If you post back here the specs. of your computer or the make/model of the computer then i can find it for you and give you links. If your computer is a custom build, and you have no idea what kind of motherboard you have, ect. then I would suggest you take it to the shop, or to someone who can tell you the make/model of all the devices.

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by statykserver In reply to time computer

The only thing I saw about TIME was the following site

It seems the took over the company and are the only ones (that I could find) that are providing support for it.

Hope this helps and good luck

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by statykserver In reply to

Here is another support site but they don't seem to offer driver downloads.

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by TheChas In reply to time computer

What I do with a case like this, is open the box and look at the chips on the motherboard.

The video processor should be about the same size as the larger of the chip-set devices.

Look for a manufactures logo and model number on the chip.
Then download the reference drivers.

For the audio, you could have an AC97 codec, or an actual sound chip.
For the codec, you really need the actual driver for the specific system.

Personally, I would just install a sound card for better performance and audio quality.

An option for drivers is
Just be VERY careful with posted drivers.

For future reference, once you have the system running, run a utility such as Belarc Advisor
and keep a copy of the hardware configuration of your system.


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