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Time Discrepancy

By d.jones092 ·

Got a problem with a laptop on my network (IBM ThinkPad A31, Win 2000 Pro SP4). The laptop is giving me an error saying there's a time difference between the client and server. The operations master in the domain is being synchronized via 3rd party software with another server in the AD, which in turn is being synch'd with, via the same program.

The time on the laptop is completely synchronized with the time on the server...there is no difference, and even when there is, it's only a matter of seconds.

The BIOS date/time is correct.

The laptop was logged onto the network over night. Upon coming in this morning, I installed a product called tightVNC (remote admin tool, freeware), and a couple of MS hot-fixes (the latest patch for IE and Media Player). I've gone in locally and removed the tightvnc install. The problem is still happening.

Could this be due to the MS hotfixes? Has anyone ever seen this before? Is Kerberos part of the TCP/IP protocol stack?

Thanks for the info.

Dennis Jones

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by Navjun In reply to Time Discrepancy

can you try your error logs and see what other errors are you getting and No Kerberos in not part of TCP/IP but you need it when you are connecting to a domain with AD

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by d.jones092 In reply to

Thanks for the info. Actually, I was able to get around the problem by breaking the laptop loose from the domain (deleted the account) and rejoining. Seems like it was given a new Kerberos ticket upon reassociation with the domain.

Dennis Jones

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by d.jones092 In reply to Time Discrepancy

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