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I'm having issues connecting my Macbook pro to time machine external drive. Currently my the time machine external drive is connect to my mac mini which Im trying to use as a time machine server. Ive given it a static ip address and have turned on file sharing on the mac mini. However, every time I try to connect to the drive over the network I get a error. " There was an error authenticating with the provided username or password. " But I am able to connect via vnc and smb to mac mini and see the time machine the external drive on the Mac mini but can not use it as a time machine backup.
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This other discussion sounds so familiar.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Time Machine Server

Read discussions dot apple dot com/thread/251643214 to see what ideas to try next.

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here's what worked for me.

by mrmacfixit Moderator In reply to Time Machine Server

On your MBP, from the Finder desktop, open the HD(SSD).
In the sidebar of the window the opens, you should see, under locations, a list of connected drives and any other Mac connected to your network.
Double clicking the Mini should bring up a window with "Connect As..." at the top right. Log in as the Admin user of the mini. You should see the Mini HD, the admin account, any folders that are shared and, the external drive attached to the mini.
Mount that drive on the desktop of the MBP.
Now use TM Prefs to select that disk as the Time Machine backup disk.
As I said, worked for me

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here's what worked for me.

by carolynnursela In reply to here's what worked for me ...

this is really good thank you for sharing with us

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