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By zlitocook ·
As a contractor I had to make the most of the time I was contracted to a company. I would be given a set of job goals and be expected to reach them in the time I was there.
Although most of the goals were above what any one person could hope to get.
Now as a full time employee I still set goals and try to meet them. My boss is on the east coast and I report to him, when he is available which is about once ever three months or so.
My question is as a boss or employee, how do you set your goals? Do you just wait for some thing to come up or do you get into things? I do not to sit and wait I go out and look for things to do.
If I see some one looking lost at a computer or trying to do something that will not work, I jump in and try to help.
Do you tell your IT people to do this or do you do this?
Most people that I have worked with would rather wait for a call then jump in and help.
What do you think?

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I definitely jump in and just help get the job done

by j.lupo In reply to Time managment

but that has worked against me. Those who tend to just look for things generally get abused by upper management. Two possibilities,
1. you are seen as goofing off because you are never at your own desk or doing your own work or
2. They pile more work on you because they know it will get done.

In my case, I was brought in as a contractor to do some migration development between two systems. I knew the source, but have to learn the target system. Well my natural nature to help others and just get the job done, got me "promoted" to a tech lead position on a DIFFERENT project. This one I don't know source or target environments, software, hardware, etc. About all I do know is the target operating system. I don't even know the business because I come from Manufacturing/Healthcare and this is Banking/financial.

Well now that things aren't going so well, I am expected to somehow pull a magic act and make our upcoming deadlines. i.e. Code, Admin, TPM, TDM, and so on all within my allowed 40 hours. Yeah Right!.

When I am in a role that I know and am adding value, I am more than willing to step up to the plate and help out anyway I can. I think that is the role of anyone working, employee or contractor.

That is just my opinion though. :)

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Must be nice

by jdmercha In reply to Time managment

To actually have the time to look for work. I've always had way more work to do than I could possibly handle. I have multiple small projects that take weeks or months to do. And more of them keep coming up. Plus they get interrupted several times a day with trouble calls.

Though when I am out of my office on a trouble call I will check around to see if anyone nearby needs help. There's nothing worse than taking the 15 minute walk back to my office, through the snow or rain, only to find a message on my machine from somebody located where I just left.

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