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Time needed to Format and re-install win xp

By Mississauga99 ·
Hello, I am an independent computer technician and have been asked to provide a time estimate to format and re-install win xp on several desktop workstations for a client. They will also need to re-install some 3rd party software. They have all of the user data backed up. Would 2 hours per machine be a close estimate.?

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can you use ghost?

by CG IT In reply to Time needed to Format and ...

if you did each machine individually including all updates[O/S system board and device drivers], and installation of applications [Office included] plus any patching of those, time be more like 4+ hours per machine.

if you could ghost, the average time per machine would drop considerbly.

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How do I Ghost a computer

by Mississauga99 In reply to can you use ghost?

I have never tried or no how to Ghost a computer? How do I go about doing this?

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Would it

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Time needed to Format and ...

work out cheaper to buy a new HD for each machine and then use the 'current' HD as the backup?

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Lot's of variables.

by jdmercha In reply to Time needed to Format and ...

Based on the information you've provided. I'd estimate 4 hours per machine.

On a brand new machine with 1GB of ram you can reformat and install XP in an hour. If your 3rd party software is something like Autocad and you also have to configure several printers, then four hours will be tough.

Then again, do you have the space to set up four computers at the same time? If you have the space, and enough copies of the software, you can set up four computers in about the same time as it takes to set up one.

Ghost can save you time, but I personally don't like it. I have no good reason to dislike it though.

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