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By ProblemSolverSolutionSeeker ·
Well, we have all been there. Get near the end of the year, and determine that we are over budget. So now we must find buckets of money to pull from.

Now, I am told to report my time in a certain manner for the rest of the year. The only problem is that I am not working in these areas, nor have I ever.

In my wee little book, this is being told to lie. I still have not decided how I am going to handle this. (I already know how I should.)

My question - isn't this illegal? That is, what are the possible legal ramifications - not only for me, but for the companies I work for?

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It Depends...

by RAPace In reply to Time Reporting

If, for instance, you are working a "capital" project and the allocated capital has been depleted then booking your time to an expense effort should not be a big deal. However, if you are being asked to begin booking time against a project that is going to be billed to an external client or some similar scenario then you have an issue... I am not a lawyer so I can't speak to the legality but it is definitely wrong.

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Non-Lawyer Reply

by Wayne M. In reply to Time Reporting

I would suggest the following guidelines.

1) If one is doing unrelated work and billing the U.S. government, it is illegal.

2) If one is doing work for the U.S. government and billing unrelated work, it is illegal.

3) If one is doing unrelated work and billing an external business, it is illegal.

4) If one is doing work for an external business, but billing an unrelated task, it is legal.

5) If one is doing work for an external business and billing that business, but for unrelated work, it depends upon the level of detail in the contract.

6) If one is doing work for internal functions and chargin to other internal functions, then it is probably legal.

As long as the work being done is billed to the internal or external organization for which the work is done, it is probably legal. Within the realm of legal billing, this may merely reflect too much bureaucracy rather than malfeasance.

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