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Time Slot Team Project management

By pmax60 ·
We are defining a project organization for high complex project. We plan to define different project streams (i.e. one each bunch of functionalities). Each PM will be fully responsible of its own stream. PMs will access to differents specialized developers team.
Developers team will be assigned to the stream according the planning made by PM. A critical issue is the allocation/contention of the teams int he right time-slot and the efficiency of the whole project. We plant to have 10 teams that must move from one stream to another according the scheduling
I'm looking for experiences, drawbacks highlight in this kind of project organization

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by Marabella In reply to Time Slot Team Project ma ...

The best tool I have used for handling the scheduling of complex projects is MS Project 2002 Professional, which has an enterprise wide capability. On the positive side, it will help you schedule your teams to work on muliple projects. It is the industry standard, and can be very effective in managing complex projects. It is, however, only a tool, not a substitute for good project management. My current client implemented it without benefit of Microsoft consultants (short sighted on behalf of Executive Mangement), and as a result, Microsoft is now here fixing the server problems the in-house techical team created when they configured the servers back in September. The downside is the learning curve - your Project managers will need to be trained - it can either be done by Microsoft, or any number of 3rd party training organizations. Version 2002 is different from earlier versions. Don't even think of trying to learn it from a book - there are too many innuendos. The most complete book I have found as a reference is "using MS Project 2002" by Tim Pyron, published by QUE.
The current Project 2002 GURU is Brian Kennemer, who often publishes articles on Tech Republic. If you go with it, download all of his articles.

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by MichaelTsen In reply to Time Slot Team Project ma ...

I totally agree with Answer 1. But there isn't many successful stories using MSproject to meet this kind of project management. There is nothing wrong with MSproject but more to do with the people. To use MSproject successfully, you really need to get an insight of MSproject itself. It is not just a tool. It is a way or a style of project management. If you natural style does not match its, you are more likely complaining it is useless. The Msproject management style thao, has been proven even for the most complex project possible. The trick, the proven ground are not from IT fields, they are more toward Civil Engineering.

Anyway, to get an alternative tool who can meet exactly your needs, try iPlan in Most of my clients who fail to use MSproject can use iPlan successfully. Again, there is nothing to do with the tools, its just a project management style matching. Iplan and Msproject make up to the 2 extreme project management style that I know of. Good luck !

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