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Time spent on projects versus time spent on support

By rwisniewski ·
One of the challenges my It organization is facing is balancing the time spent working on projects versus the time spent on support work and processes. Particularly for some of our higher-level techs, they find they are interrupted by urgent support issues so frequently that they can't really focus on the projects they need to be working on. Conversely, our lower level technicians find that they can't get timely support from higher level support technicians because they are always deeply involved in some project.

What is a good balance of time spent on projects versus support work for, say, level 2 and level 3 technicians? I am trying to help my technicians find a balance, but am challenged in helping them manage all the duties they have to juggle.

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Your'e not alone

by mlaxton In reply to Time spent on projects ve ...

We have the same problem of trying to balance what management wants done (projects), with what management doesn't see (support). We have a very small team, but it can still be frustrating. It's easy to get sidetracked from your deadlines when a problem pops up with the Exchange server for example. I know it frustrates our users too when IT is MIA holed up somewhere working on a project, but otherwise we just get constantly interrupted. We usually end up having to do that to knock out a project and then try to clean up the help desk queue afterwards.

Not much of an answer to your question, just my thoughts.

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