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Time Sync Win 2000 server Environment

By neonacker ·
Time Synchronization in Windows 2000 Environment
I have a windows 2000 server and all the clients running win 2k pro, I also have a novell 4.22 server.

The setup is a typical client server environment wherein the client log into the domain as well as the novell server. The problem is with time sync, all the workstations do not sync the time with the server. The novell server also does not seem to have the sync the time with the server. Is there any way wherein I can force the clients as well as the novell server to sync the time with win 2000 server. Pl dont tell me to install any third party software on the clients, as the number of clients is a lot.

Could u please help me. thanks (NN)

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by infoguy In reply to Time Sync Win 2000 serve ...

Here's a good link to your answer. Hope it helps!

In short, make sure the W32Time service is started and make sure port 123 is not being blocked by firewalls or proxies.


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by gregross In reply to Time Sync Win 2000 serve ...

on each client go to command prompt and type net stop w32time
then net time /setsntp:<server name of your DC>
then net start w32time

This will sync the windows time service on win2k and xp clients with the domain controller. I believe this updates itself on an hourly basis or close to it. Set the domain controller up the same way but point it to an external sntp server.

You can also create a batch file and set it up in group policy so that all clients have this batch file run at login. Have the batch file run net time \\<name of DC> /set /y
and this will set all of your clients including win9x pcs.

hope that helps

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