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Trying to set up a master time server that my "not so technical" devices on the same subnet can point to for time adjusted for time zone and DST. Look's like LocalNTP simply passes UTC from the master if it is getting it's time from the web. I need to broadcast the time on the Win 7 PC that is displaying the correct time for my time zone and adjusted for DST. Any idea's out there ?
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This one is technical.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Time Synch

Time servers such as NTP do not broadcast the time. Time is queried.

NTP shall pass GMT so that's not broken. Do we need to discuss how devices and clients need their timezone set?

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In Response

by CELead In reply to This one is technical.

The devices that are "querying" the LocalNTP Server do not have the capability to adjust for time zones or DST.

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That said, you can bend the rules. EXAMPLE.

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to In Response

On the NTP server host, set the TimeZone to GMT then change the time to be what you want. Remember we have to disable the host's OS ability to fetch both time and timezone but hey, you want this to be non-standard.

It's a shame not more is known about the devices. I have worked in the embedded field for decades.

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Latest response

by CELead In reply to This one is technical.

The device(s) for example is a Siemens S7-315 PLC. It does not have functionality of adjusting for time zones and only adjust's for DST with additional programming. I'm trying to avoid programming 250+ PLC's and that is just for the Siemen's units.
Your fix you's not going to work for DST, correct ?

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With a little work, why not?

by rproffitt Moderator In reply to Latest response

Once you get your NTP sorted I think some script to run twice a year to add or subtract a hour from the NTP server's realtime clock.

I don't know what you know about scripting but I might turn to AutoHotKey to bodge this one. Example:

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Later response

by CELead In reply to With a little work, why n ...

Can do ! Sounds like a fix.

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