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Time to End the US 2 Party System

By TheChas ·
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Well, not the party on Friday, party on Saturday system that lets one have 2 parties each weekend.

It is time to throw away the outdated Republican and Democratic political parties.

We should replace them with a number of parties so that candidates can choose a party that matches their lifestyle.

My initial nominations for new party names include:

Pervert Party

Sex Maniac Party

Nanny Party

Graft Party

Do as I Say, Not as I Do Party

Bible Thumper (Live Life Like I tell You To) Party.

You get the general idea.

How many fitting new parties can we come up with for politicians to align themselves with?


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How about issues based voting

by Dr Dij In reply to Time to End the US 2 Part ...

instead of voting for a person you'd vote for your position on an issue. That would prevent poli's from waffling and lying about what they were going to do.

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Yeah, but

by NickNielsen In reply to How about issues based vo ...

You'd still have to select the pols somehow...

Having been disgusted with the increasing radicalism in both parties for the last two decades, I'm looking in this direction:

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How about these

by NickNielsen In reply to Time to End the US 2 Part ...

Keep Re-Electing Me Because I Don't Want To Have To Get A Real Job Party

Screw the Voters Party

(They all fit into these two)


Do Nothing Party

Do The Wrong Thing Party

Support Your Local Lobbyist Party

Or we could just use the election board colors Red & Blue. I like the irony of referring to the former Republican party as "Reds."

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"I know better than the rest of you Party."

by Absolutely In reply to Time to End the US 2 Part ...

I'm founder, Chairman & President. TheChas, jdclyde, maxwell edison, jardinier are all invited to pay huge fees to join & to carry a membership card and to have no input on policy decisions.

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