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Time to stand up to Microsoft

By qomputek ·
I am curious about everyones opinion to this article:,4586,2815189,00.html

I am not familure with XP but I have to admit from what I've read about it, it realy scares the heck out of me. Check this qoute taken from the article, "Of course, once .Net is in place MS will potentially have the tools to turn off your software at a moment's notice."

And check this out:

I would love to see XP in action but I don't think I like the idea anymore.

Is this hype or fact?

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Trash M$ - Linux/Unix Rules

by Unix_Magic In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

Hey friend,
Accepting M$'s whims and manipulations is like giving in to a dictator's authority.
Like the OpenSource Community, stand up and face the tyrant with your head held up high.
Be a proud geek, and accept the non-imperialistic freedom ofLinux and/or any flavor of Unix.

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The time was long ago

by epepke In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

Folks, the time to find alternatives to Microsoft was 5 years ago, when it was entirely obvious where they were heading, and also when there was a healthy set of possible alternatives. Maybe by now the Commodore Amiga would be used in most Fortune 500 companies. But people didn't, and it isn't.

I've been on this board since about the beginning of the year, and all along people have been saying, "Gosh, I don't like what XP is going to do. Maybe it's time to maybe start kinda thinking aboutpossibly exploring alternatives."

All along, I've been pointing out that people are complaining and not doing anything. All along, people have been telling me that something is just going to happen to fix it: the press, public outcry, the DOJ. And it hasn't happened, and I doubt that it will.

Sure, there are Linux advocates, but there are hardly any more of them than there were. Almost everybody is waiting around for Linux to "get better," which means expecting somebody ELSE to make itall better. It isn't going to get better magically out of the ether--people need to do it. Most people are really long on gripe and short on effort.

Sure it scares you, and you don't like it, but you're probably going to go along with it. It'll be easier in the short term, or you will be afraid of having to retrain the users, or everybody's used to Microsoft, or it isn't so bad as you've thought, or you'll compromise if Microsoft just backs off a bit, etc., and you'll tell yourself it's aSound Business Decision.

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by epepke In reply to The time was long ago

Meanwhile, Microsoft, who has people capable of looking further into the future than the end of the quarter, will nibble more and more away, and their legal/moralistic campaign against the very idea of Open Source will gain ground.

In five years you'll be griping as much as you are now yet doing as little about is as you did five years ago, surrounded by kids who don't even remember when it was any different. By then, draconian snooping on your computer will be considered just the way things are, and people will be griping and doing nothing about something else. Biometrics, maybe. Criminal record checks to get a licence even to buy a word processor.

Go ahead. Insist that I'm wrong. Five years from now, you won't remember what I wrote today anyway.

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When will people learn ?

by SEARogue In reply to Continued

Very well said !

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Yes, it's true...

by admin In reply to Time to stand up to Micro ...

"Of course, once .Net is in place MS will potentially have the tools to turn off your software at a moment's notice" and it's also true in your cable/satellite box and people still seem to buy tons of them.

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Thats true and...

by radiic In reply to Yes, it's true...

How long till you think somebody hacks the code for XP and devises a way to bypass the registration feature...Hmmmn done

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Yes but the problem is ...

by qomputek In reply to Thats true and...

that they will be able to know (if you're connect to the Internet) that you have a hacked system. and if they don't like it they can shut you down, thats not cool. I know the only way I'm getting XP is if its a copy, I sure as **** am not paying for that crap.

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How about using zone alarm

by radiic In reply to Yes but the problem is .. ...

that wont allow your pc to make outgoing request's unless you allow it. I agree I wont be switching to that crap either.

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Beyond zone alarm......

by admin In reply to How about using zone alar ...

Seems like it would be better to send erroneous marketing information than none at all.......

Lesse.... a filtering program on a disposable box sending erroneous data.....


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The Game

by admin In reply to Thats true and...

and there is "the game" as it's referred to in the dish world..... anyone wonder why guys still buy 486's at yard sales?

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