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By candace18 ·
I am looking for some equipment and software because I work for a manufacturing company and we are having a few problems tracking job times. Each employee gets paid per piece that they finish. I need some way of knowing how long each person takes on each part of the job because right now they are overlapping. This cannot happen. Please help.

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Don't get it

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Time Tracking

What's the process.

ie the begin and end. How is it being collected. Manually, indirectly, physical tracking through a production line?

Whatever system you put in place, wholly automatic, wholly manual or somewhere in between, there's got to be some recorded event that can be taken to beginning work and completed work.

Does the overlap matter anyway? if you are paying per piece complete, then the number of those per operator signalled as complete per payment period is the only thing that matters. If they only do four in a day they get $4.

If you want to judge slower versus faster operators do some stats and work out a target performance.

No idea waht you manufacturing process is.

But as a for instance, if the job was pick up a door, paint it, put it in a drying area.

The operator might get more done by picking up three at a time, so the times will overlap. If you 'punish this' they get less pay, but you get less production...

Measure the process not the people....

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Re: Time Tracking

by philefluxx In reply to Time Tracking

My company has two markets in which my department works in. We need to keep track of how much time we spend working for/in each market. We use It is a browser based time tracker which you can also make notes on what you are doing as well as many other parameters for tracking time. I hope this helps.

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That unfortunately highlights a classic data collection

by Tony Hopkinson In reply to Re: Time Tracking

problem, often missed by management If you are asking for manual input, the people doing the recording have to get something out of the effort.

Taking a wild stab in the dark, I don't think payroll/accounting are going to trust those nasty shop floor pople to report under performance accurately

They certainly never did when I was on it.

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