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Time Warner and Public IP's

By Tagle ·
Hello all, here is my question and thanks in advance if someone can help me out here.

Link to our router =

I use a Linksys Wireless Broadband Router connected to Road Runner. At
this moment our basestation is using DHCP for our client computers and is set in routing mode.
Everything works fine and we have no problems as of yet.

The basestation is configured with a static IP address that Time Warner allocated to us.

1st. We order 2 servers and 2 more PC's.
2nd. Time Warner gave us 5 more static IP's for us to use.
3rd. We want to give our 2 servers and 2 extra PC's public
static IP so we can remotely connect and administer them
if needed. We diont want them using the DHCP from the basestation.
4th. What steps do we need to accomplish this?
5th. I tried giving one server and one PC a public static
IP but I can seem to get out to the web.
6th. Can this be done?
7th. Our internal netwotk is using the defualt DHCP and
network setting are 192.168.2.x and so on.
8th. The basestation is using a static IP TW gave us.

We have a Windows 2003 server and 4 windows xp clients.


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by dustyD In reply to Time Warner and Public IP ...

Gads! You probably need more help than I can give you, but here is a start.
By basestation, do you mean the router? Never put a server or PC out there with a public IP address without a firewall.

You can remotely connect and administer using DHCP by connecting with a secure VPN tunnel.
Your server and PC cannot get onto the web because your public IP is not compatible with the router's LAN address. Your LAN has to either use DHCP from the router on all internals, or use static addressing. Linksys uses by default. Or, you could use a second router to hide exposed systems from the rest of the network.
You can configure the router to use a DMZ if you must expose a system to the outside.

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