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Time Wasted Survey

By marileev · conducted a survey which says workers waste two hours a day cruising on the web and socializing. By one calculation employers spend $759 billion per year paying -

The nature of my job is very collaborative, even if I take a minute off topic our department is still able to get their deliverables completed like this tips article

Do you spend more than 2 hours a day "goofing-off?" Has goofing off ever negatively affected your job? I think taking a break gives you fresh eyes.

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A lot depends upon how they define waste

by Deadly Ernest In reply to Time Wasted Survey

In one IT contract job I had a few years back, I spent three hours a day cruising the web. Getting info and feedback on various programs and applications and then writting reports on which we should try and why. It's called information gathering.

In a job I did for most of the 1990s I spent about 8 hours a week, on average, just speaking to people about things in general, there were a few hundred people in the facility. The result waas that i was on good terms with nearly everyone, and those I didn't really know, knew someone who knew me and would put in a good word. So I got to know about problems BEFORE they were problems. If I needed to get something done now, and sort the paperwork later, it got done. All because people knew and trusted me to do the right thing - ALL PART OF NETWORKING

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time wasting

by marileev In reply to A lot depends upon how th ...

Here's what (with AOL) said were time-wasters:

1 Surfing Internet (personal use) 44.7%
2 Socializing with co-workers 23.4%
3 Conducting personal business 6.8%
4 Spacing out 3.9%
5 Running errands off-premises 3.1%
6 Making personal phone calls 2.3%
7 Applying for other jobs 1.3%
8 Planning personal events 1.0%
9 Arriving late / Leaving early 1.0%
10 Other 12.5%

I have contentions with the top two. Socializing with co-workers can help gel a team to work better and be more effective with the time they do use to work.

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just another waste of time survey

by jdclyde In reply to Time Wasted Survey

As in, waste of time to formulate.

How much time is wasted taking surveys on wasting time?

Plan and simple, you get your job done or you do not get your job done. I have known workers that are always "nose to the grinding stone" and put in all kinds of extra hours getting their work done. This wasn't because they were more dedicated, it was because they weren't as good of workers and it took them extra time to get the same job done.

Just one more thing for useless managers that have no idea how to lead to use to bash their workers. It also only goes to create jobs for alledged efficency "experts" to tell everyone else that they are doing things wrong.

I did notice smoking was not on their list. Nor was sitting in meetings that do not concern you directly. Or having to deal with a micromanaging twit that doesn't know how to do what you do, telling you how they THINK it should be.

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Oh yeah, I almost forgot

by jdclyde In reply to just another waste of tim ...

survey taking of AOL users. These are the people with more money than brains to begin with, that pay twice the going rate, just so AOL can hold their hands at getting them on the web.

Yeah, there is a bright bunch to sample.

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by marileev In reply to Oh yeah, I almost forgot

AOL's brand is dwindling, they must be looking for any opportunity to look relevant again

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meetings about meetings

by marileev In reply to just another waste of tim ...

jclyde, you brought up a great point about having to attend "meetings that do not concern you directly," When I worked for a bigger organization, I used to fret when I got Outlook meetings to talk about when best to meet. Ugh!

Yeah, c'mon, people need a way to get fresh eyes at work let em' goof off a little. At my current company we've got an office ping-pong table for that.

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We had "technology" meetings

by jmgarvin In reply to meetings about meetings

The meeting would be a small portion of sys admin, net admin, et al and a HUGE portion of people like finance and HR.

So we'd typically say things like:
We need more bandwidth because we are almost at max capacity. Our poor web server is struggling to keep up and our gateway is almost 10 years old...

We'd hear:
But the network is just fine, we don't notice anything...

*le sigh*

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"But that person already has a computer"

by jdclyde In reply to We had "technology" meeti ...

"Why do they need a new one?"

double le sigh.....

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triple sigh

by marileev In reply to "But that person already ...

At a larger organization I was with, I had to keep an excel log for a month to get my boss's boss to approve a new machine.

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At one point, couldn't buy computers

by jdclyde In reply to triple sigh

At the beginning, only an accountant "needed" a computer. Getting a computer for others was pretty much out of the question.

We could buy computer parts though. It was acceptable to MAKE a computer, but not buy a computer. AAAAAAAAA!

Now, a new secritary gets hired in and a P4 is dropped on her desk with a flat screen. My, how things have changed!

Don't ever get me STARTED about getting people on email..... :0

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