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Time won't stay changed

By dbergesen ·
We have changed the time on several of our computers this morning and within seconds they are changing back to the incorrect time.

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Whats the time on the Domain Controller?

by JamesRL In reply to Time won't stay changed

Many computers set up to access a domain controller for log in, also acecss it perdiodically for a time syncronization. This is great in theory.....


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Daylight Saving Time on clients

by netwrk_admn In reply to Time won't stay changed

You have to make sure your client workstations have the patch.

It seems wierd on the outside because although the client syncs with the server, and they both show the correct time, the registry information must match. I haven't found the technical reason, but make sure the client's and server's DST is set for second sunday of March and you will correct the issue.

I deployed it to my computers via group policy. KB article can be found here.**4387/

Or if your users have admin privileges, there is a tzmove.exe on Microsoft's site to customize your DST. Also any XP SP2 client can do automatic updates.

Hope this helps!

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My auto update didnt work.

by JamesRL In reply to Daylight Saving Time on c ...

I'm on XP SP2 with autoupdates on, with admin priveleges, but no joy.

I foudn a workaround, but it was annoying.


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try this

by lowlands In reply to Time won't stay changed

We had the same issue on some of our W2000 servers (not on 2003 as far as I know). We had changed the rgistry directly on some and used tzedit on others, but noticed the same thing you're seeing, the time didn't jump forward and when changed it would pop back.

Go into timezone settings (after doubleclicking clock) and uncheck "Automatically adjust etc etc", click apply. then select again and apply again. This fixed the issue on my servers (obviously as long as they're patched.

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And something else I have found

by lowlands In reply to try this

Compare the following two registry keys from a working system to a system that doesn't seem to update the time properly



I had a few systems where the values didn't match up to a working system. Updating it and then doing the uncheck and recheck thing from my previous post, fixed the issue.

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